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a game by EA Vancouver
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3 (2010)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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FIFA 11 is a game that delivers a new level of physicality to virtual football. This next level of gameplay is something that is highlighted with a name dubbed Personality Plus. When it was released, previous version was the pinnacle of EA Sports' soccer franchise. While FIFA 11 doesn't quite carry the same enormous punch as its predecessor, there's little denying that this year's iteration improves modestly on the series' rock-solid foundation.

A strong predecessor

FIFA has always strived to provide the best accurate picture of the sport of soccer. For the first time, FIFA 10 included 360-degree dribbling, which marked a significant advance over the conventional eight-direction dribbling. We also received Virtual Pro, which enabled you to create a player, assign him to a team, and then see him improve as you played him in any of the game's modes.

Unlike other sports games such as NBA 2K21 and F1 2021, FIFA has consistent yearly releases, so EA Sports needs to be innovative on a consistent basis.

Impressive Innovation

Personality Plus does not only imply that athletes will express genuine emotions on the pitch. It's more that the players you know and love will look, run, shoot, dribble, and respond to physical encounters in a genuine manner. What's the best part? Personality Plus truly works for the sport's major names.

Some of the lesser-known players aren't treated as well, and I'd want to be able to build or give qualities to my constructed player, but for now, Personality Plus impresses. If you're a casual soccer fan who only watches the World Cup every few years, the benefits of Personality Plus may be lost on you due to your lack of familiarity with the world's most famous soccer players.

Even more striking is the fact that FIFA 11 ups the physicality of the game, allowing for more jostles, bumps, and slide tackle variants than the franchise has ever seen before. Big defenders will knock players off the ball, while smaller, faster forwards will be able to pull off some amazing feats even without the skill moves mechanic.

A glaring problem

One concern I still have with FIFA is with the AI. While I believe the players do a somewhat better job of placing on the field, I believe their aggression falls short of that of real-life players. Too frequently, players would refuse to try a slow-rolling ball because it wasn't intended for them, despite the fact that it was plainly going to be intercepted by the other side if they let it pass.


FIFA 11 isn't the significant leap forward that FIFA 10 was, but it doesn't mean you'll be dissatisfied with this attempt. People will love the small subtleties and adjustments to the gameplay, particularly the Personality Plus inclusion. I still encountered annoyances with the artificial intelligence's lack of awareness, and the fact that your Be A Pro achievements do not carry over is a major letdown.


  • Great Soundtrack
  • New Be A Pro mode


  • Not very innovative

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