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Selection Criteria: Games where players engage in one-on-one combat, using a variety of moves and combos to defeat their opponents.
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Art Of Fighting 2

What can I say, Neo fighting games keep getting better and better.

Street Fighter Collection

Let's just ignore the fact that Super Street Fighter was the weakest version of SF2 and take each game one by one.

SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

It's hard to say just why 2D fighting crossover games exist. Well, actually, I think I know why they exist (hint: it starts with a $ and ends with another $).

Street Fighter Ex3

By now, most everyone who's into fighting games has realized that the EX Street Fighter series is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Soul Blade

Soul Blade. Everyone was wondering if it would be able to compare to Tekken 2.

Dead Or Alive 2

The bounce is back in town, and so are Kasumi, Lei Fang, Tina Armstrong and the boys.

Soul Edge

As version two of Soul Edge is tearing up the coin-op charts, along comes the original version back once again.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a fighting game, that received a high profile launch on the Super Nintendo, as well as on the Game Boy.

Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds

The graphics and audio are far from spectacular but the strategy element is strong enough to keep it from becoming too much of an issue.

Power Instinct

The Power Instinct series is renowned for its more humorous take on fighting games, its music and its often-weird characters.
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Last Bronx

Tokyo rode high on a rising wave of yen, but when the economic bubble burst, Tokyo crashed -- hard.