Football Manager 2009

a game by Sports Interactive Limited
Platform: PC
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Football Manager 2009
Football Manager 2009
Football Manager 2009
Football Manager 2009

Football manager, soon to appear in its 2009 rendition, has come a long way since the game first appeared on PC some 18 years back. It got married to Eidos (nee Domark), divorced, changed its name and is now living with Sega; but the game of champions is still as addictive, as thousands of puffy eyed footy fans across the country will testify.

Back in the days when things like the Xbox were merely a twinkle in Bill's eye and the PC ruled the world of gaming, Championship Manager (as it was then known) was a strange bedfellow to the likes of Quake. When a new build of CM was proffered, usually around the start of the new football season, most of the reviewers who inhabited the office (self-proclaimed football fans) would turn their noses up in disdain at the thought of being forced to spend hours pondering the intricacies of what the then Chelsea-loving deputy editor shamefully described as an over-blown Excel spreadsheet, which had all the appeal of completing an online expenses report for the taxman.

There were two however that knew better. Myself and Patrick McCarthy wore the baggy eyed stare of those who had completed a whole-nighter getting their team into Europe. We both had the craggy RSI hand affectionately known as 'The Claw' that came from gripping the mouse too tightly as we watched possession bars flicker up and down on the screen just before dawn in a cup final. And both of us would freely admit that when we saw a car number plate that featured the letters 'DMC' or 'AMR' our brains instantly thought of a defensive midfielder and an attacking right winger, and not of the dangers of on-coming traffic. We'd quietly discuss the raw diamonds that we'd found by tirelessly sweeping the lower leagues - some who have actually made it in the real world of Premier League football (the likes of Danny Murphy, Jermain Defoe and Thierry Henry) and many that failed to live up to the in-game hype (Neil Lennon, Ibrahima Bakayoko, Cherno Sambo and Leon Knight to name just a few).

We knew that we on to something special, and that it was only a matter of time before the rest of the football-loving world discovered the power and appeal of this RAM-hungry monster. Historically, Football Manager has been so accurate that it allowed its players to win pub bets, and impress fellow revellers with performance predictions during international tournaments.

Now Football Manager2009 is upon us, with a new database and features that are sure to cause fans of the original to suffer countless sleepless winter nights, as they snap up Stephen Appiah on a free and sell Lorik Cana for tens of millions...

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