Forbidden Siren

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a game by Project Siren
Platform: Playstation 2 (2003)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 5.5/10 - 4 votes
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Forbidden Siren
Forbidden Siren
Forbidden Siren

In the world of survival horror games, an original concept is a perfect way to create a game that stands the test of time. Forbidden Siren is a horror game that understands this idea, delivering a unique experience with peculiar gameplay that integrates flawlessly with its plot.

Despite its original concepts and solid atmosphere, some of the most basic elements of traditional survival horror are missing in Forbidden Siren. For better or for worse, this is a divisive game that is going to test not only your courage, but also how willing are you to keep up with its rough edges.

Ten survivors, one story

Forbidden Siren is based on some classics of Japanese horror cinema. Much like Fatal Frame, the action takes place in a creepy Japanese village, called Hanuda. In this town, creatures known as shibito roam the streets, feeding on the living.

The story is presented non-linearly and follows ten survivors of a supernatural disaster. Stranded on the town of Hanuda, each survivor’s story influences another through the butterfly effect. Actions that happen in one storyline can influence another, for instance, fulfilling some objectives might negatively impact another character’s story.

This unique approach to storytelling has its pros and cons, with the non-linearity making it difficult to get attached to any particular character. However, the episodic structure can be seen as levels in a traditional game, making it easier to approach this game as a more traditional gaming experience.

However, one thing to note is that the game, for some reason, is overly cryptic. Some puzzles make absolutely no sense, forcing players to go through lots of frustrating trial and error to finally get right.

Supernatural difficulty

As we mentioned, one fatal flaw with Forbidden Siren’s design is its difficulty. Some objectives require unnecessary extra steps that aren’t properly explained. While this obscurity can lead to players exploring more of the game’s world, it also pads an otherwise simple game with meaningless content.

It’s a shame that the puzzles are so weak, especially because the story and setting of the game are so captivating. Perhaps the game would benefit from an option similar to the one found in Silent Hill 3, where players can modify the puzzle’s difficulty.

The “sightjacking” mechanic lets players see through the eyes of the shibito, giving them an approximate idea of how close the monsters are to them. This power also helps to find clues about puzzles and the location of items, but you’ll have to wait until a shibito is near a point of interest for the power to be useful.

Run, don’t fight

In Forbidden Siren, stealth is your best friend. The shibito can’t be permanently incapacitated, meaning that hiding from them is usually the best tactic. Luckily, there are lots of ways to slip past the monsters, including distractions and ranged weapons.

The feeling of dread and tension as you evade the shibito is amazing, truly capturing the essence of some classic Japanese horror films. The creepy enemy designs look great, and the somber ambiance is one of the best of any PS2 horror game.


Forbidden Siren is an odd horror game with lots of promise; unfortunately, it also suffers from a bad case of artificial difficulty. If you’re looking for a creepy game that includes some neat, unique concepts in its gameplay, definitely give this one a chance.


  • Excellent (and creepy) ambiance
  • Interesting plot and setting
  • Original gameplay mechanics


  • Nonsensical puzzles
  • Tedious trial and error difficulty
  • The story can be a bit confusing in certain parts

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Playstation 2

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