Gangsters: Organized Crime

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a game by Hothouse
Platform: PC (1998)
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 13 votes
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1930's gangster stereotypes are tailormade for videogames. The banter, variety of makeshift weaponry, lifestyles, and the money all are fantastical. It allows players to revel in an obscure dreamworld. Eidos has stepped into the fray to take advantage of a self-constructing game world - and build Gangsters: Organized Crime.

The notion of 'shoot first, ask questions later is rife behind most gang life. This game has decided to take a more strategic approach, interestingly. Is managing a gang like a streamlined business that intriguing, though? If we can't storm into cafes with guns blazing and silly insults, what's the point?

This is The Age of the Mob

Anybody that spent time watching the intro video to this game will already be thoroughly entertained with its prospects. The retrospectively silly live-action reel dictates how gangsters are taking over America. We could be in for a very entertaining strategy game here - but maybe not in the way one would initially think.

The player will begin by creating their own mob boss with a simple avatar creator and giving them a cool name. Suddenly you are planted into the depths of the criminal underworld, expected to bring your gang into prominence. The initial visuals are a bit underwhelming - with your gameboard looking more like a garbage compactor than a city to rule.

Your aim in each game is to effectively bring New Temperance under your control by ridding of other gangs in the neighborhood. You'll use gangsters' attributes in your repertoire to extort, cheat, and kill your way into control of territory. They are all laid out like a complex chessboard rather than a high-octane action-based game you'd expect.

It's a very different style of gangster game requiring a lot of thought - but it can be addictive. You have to manipulate the intricacies of mob life - purchasing businesses, racketeering, and fending off law enforcement in ways you choose fit. You'll keep doing this until you manage to become a legitimate business, become city mayor or destroy every gang in your way. It's a wordy, less visual mob management playthrough that is strangely intriguing - but lacks flair.

Gang Management, Inc.

It's to be said right away that there's an element of disappointment about the lack of animations, visuals, and combat between gangsters - but that doesn't mean the game is not fun. Many players will approach Gangsters: Organized Crime thinking it would be a real-time strategy like Age of Empires. It's a gang management simulator more like the Football Manager franchise - if anything.


The initial surprise of game style actually becomes entertaining - as the detail in accomplishing gang goals is intriguing as it is challenging. There consistently lingers a feeling that a little more could be done in its presentation aesthetics - but Gangsters: Organized Crime is fun. That's the most important thing.


  • Detailed management simulator with a 1930's gangster flair
  • Narrative concepts are well-constructed
  • The level of detail is immersive and satisfying


  • Very lacking in visuals following choices
  • The aesthetics don't resonate with the stereotypes of prohibition gangsters
  • Not a game for the casual strategy player

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Ever wondered what machine-gunning someone in the face is like? Course not, you've played Quake. But have you ever wondered what it's like to issue the order to have someone machine-gunned in the face while you sit back in your plush armchair, with local businessmen kissing your ring? Well, Gangsters is all that and a bag of chips.

Set in a prohibition era Chicago-like city, it's The Godfather meets Sim City meets Syndicate Wars. Set up a criminal underworld, run prostitution rings, extort protection money from local shop owners - everything a young child could dream of.

The only thing missing is an official Joe Pesci licence. It's certainly an original take on the resource management game and, like every other 'criminal' game, will probably be as hilarious as it is playable. Put it this way: if you don't buy it, Eidos will probably send some boys round with hammers to say hello to your kneecaps. You focks.

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