I Expect You to Die

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a game by Schell Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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I Expect You to Die
I Expect You to Die
I Expect You to Die
I Expect You to Die

While VR games aren't at the forefront of popularity, there's one factor about them that everybody can agree on - they make excellent party games. The number of laughs and general tomfoolery that comes out ensure they are incredibly adaptable to social settings. Developers now seem to make VR games based on the concept, and 'I Expect You To Die' is most certainly a result of that train of thought.

The game's name underlines that notion entirely - titling it after one of the most parodied lines in movie history. You can instantly establish the game will be undertaking the espionage genre. Therefore, it's interesting to think about what kind of gameplay will be delivered. Whatever the case, it's a safe bet to imagine the game will be a lighthearted one.

Where's Blofeld?

Rather than create something unique to the VR console, the game does not take any risks - but banks on the popularity of job simulator games. One may feel disappointed that 'I Expect You To Die' doesn't have you run, jumping, or doing backflips off towers. However, its take on simulators through the medium of espionage is delivered surprisingly well. The underlying story of the game does enough to set you up for your tasks. You are basically James Bond without mentioning him by name. Your agency has tasked you to unravel enemy mysteries and save your early 1960's aesthetical world. You are already placed in static positions - where you will solve puzzles by messing around with all the objects put before you - all models and environments polished for convenience.

Without any character interaction, you will comically use your leather-wrapped hands to look through drawers, view film reels, cut through things, and fire guns. Whatever other MacGyver-type escape plans the game has in store for you - you'll be expected to solve them... and die. The game does present a challenge in contrast to most lighthearted simulators, with most puzzles having more than one solution - and exceptionally tricky at times.

Died As Expected

I Expect You To Die undoubtedly is one of the better VR games out there, good enough to play on your own and pull some entertainment from it. The story makes the game a bit more urgent, and the polished use of VR does deliver a high sense of immersion. Albeit the game can get a little frustrating in picking up objects and applying them to solve puzzles. However, in a social setting, it's certainly a good laugh.

The game is disappointingly short like most VR offerings tend to be. The replayability factor does compensate for that a bit. There are multiple solutions for puzzles where challenges can be made to yourself. Even friendly competition emergers with others as to how quickly puzzles can be solved, or how badly can you screw it up. You will die a lot, but that's OK - it's expected after all.


I Expect You To Die is a worthwhile VR game - it's much more than the 5 minutes of fun popular games like Surgeon Simulator have to offer. It's immersive, well-thought-out, and phenomenally entertaining. As a casual game, it stops short of being a must-play - but if you are looking for a game to entertain a group, this will do just fine.


  • A good take on the job simulator genre
  • One can really get immersed in the game
  • High replayability factor


  • The game is too short
  • Picking up things can be frustrating
  • Could offer a little more in the way of story

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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