Iggle Pop

Download Iggle Pop and embark on a colorful, fast-paced adventure with Doctor Iggle. Travel through maze-like levels, rescue trapped Iggles, and evade dangerous enemies in this addictive arcade-style game. Can you save the Iggles and restore peace to the land? Play now!
a game by Sprout Games,
Platform: PC (2004)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 7 votes
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Ok, so Iggle Pop may have been surpassed by its sequel, but this original game still has a ton of charm and is well worth playing. If you are a fan of old-school games such as Pac-Man then you are going to get pretty addicted to what this game has going on. While at first glance, it may look like a game that is aimed at kids. This is one challenging puzzle game that makes you want to keep playing and playing as you try to not just beat all the levels, but get the high score too!

Save The Iggles!

One of the things that surprised me about Iggle Pop was that they put a fair bit of effort into the story. There is this Dr and he needs your help to save all of the Iggles who are these cute little creatures. They have been captured by these things called Zoogs and they have them all locked up and only you can save the day and free them all. There is a bit of text here, but I do feel that a story like this needed some cutscenes to really get the cuteness across.

Get To The Door

The aim of each level is the same. You need to move around the screen, collecting Iggles as you go. These will trail along behind you and you have to guide them to the right door. For example, the blue ones need to go to the blue door. You can build up big combos by having more Iggles before you cross the door. So, you are best going around the strange, trying to pick them all up before heading for the door. There are enemies that try to stop you so you have to keep an eye on them. Some of the later levels are very, very challenging!

Adventure Mode

The main single-player mode that you will be partaking in is the Adventure Mode. Here you have 150 levels to get through and the challenge increases as you go. This mode is very addictive and it is certainly going to take you a very long time to get through. You only get to move onto the next level, once all of the Iggles have been saved.

Retro Mode

Iggle Pop also has another mode for you to play and that is Retro Mode. In this mode, it is far more like Pac-Man. Each stage is like a Pac-Man maze and you just go around grabbing the Iggles and that is that. It is something that is very simple and it unashamedly rips off Pac-Man, but it works and is probably even more addicting than the Adventure Mode.

I will admit that the deluxe version is the version of the game that you really want to play, however, there is a real charm to Iggle Pop that cannot be ignored. It is a game I put on for my nephew who is 8 and he freaking loved it! It is the kind of game that is fun for people of all ages and you can fire it up, play a few mazes, and then walk away. Or, you can get super addicted and do 50 or so levels in one sitting!


Final Score


  • The game just oozes charm
  • I liked how cute the Iggles are
  • It does try and tell a fun story
  • There are tons of levels
  • The retro mode is like Pac-Man


  • The deluxe version pretty much makes this game irrelevant
  • Some of the later levels can get rather frustrating

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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