There's Poop In My Soup

Download There's Poop In My Soup and experience the hilariously outrageous physics-based game! Cause mayhem in various cities, unlock special abilities, and complete poop-tastic challenges. Embrace the absurdity and play now!
a game by K Bros Games
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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There's Poop In My Soup
There's Poop In My Soup
There's Poop In My Soup
There's Poop In My Soup

Have you ever wanted to poop? Have you ever wanted to poop on people? Well, you are in luck There’s Poop in my Soup finally gives you the ability to poop on people and get the rewards you deserve. In this game you can poop on people from New York to Beijing.


Are you ready? Are you set? GO…poop in the soup of perfect strangers. The gameplay of There’s Poop in my Soup is simplistic you navigate you character across a 3D map. You character stands up high on a balcony looking down on unsuspecting victims. As passer by pedestrians and vehicles make there where up and down the street.

You much use your limited supply of poops to ruin there day. After all there is nothing more disgusting than being pooped on by a stranger. It is not as easy are you may think to target people and cars with your turds.

This game does take a bit of skill. Your character will be able to move laterally but, your poops can be aimed anywhere on the 3D map. Landing successive poo’s on people will lead to increased scores from combos. Players can also do massive carnage with poop bombs. Players are encouraged to take the difficult shots with higher scores. Achieving certain milestones in the game will unlock other boards.

This seems to be the limits of what the game has to offer. A series of passers by walking beneath a balcony where you launch poop at them. It is similar to towels required Towels Required, it has one simple mechanic that it uses tirelessly. There is a bit of difficulty in that is self-imposed if you want to achieve the highest scores but, to be honest the game has so little to offer in the form of variety you likely will not. Each level does have unique power up that you can use. So, people who are interested in the variety of poop inspired armaments the game can create may stick it out through all three stages. For the rest of us this will probably be a short, sinful pleasure.


The game has simplistic art style with deformed characters that utilize some rag doll physics. The poop and its aim also seem to be physics based. Each stage takes place on single back drop inspired by its location or uninspired depending on how you look at it. The game has a few weak sound effects and a limited soundtrack.

When you effectively land combinations there is little track that will play in the background to try to amp up the action but, it rarely does the trick.

The Conclusion

If you have a strong enough urge to simulate pooping on other people’s heads from the top of buildings, that you are willing to sit through a horrid game pick up digital copy of There’s Poop in my Soup.


If you normal just keep scrolling by this one on the steam page until you get to any other game.


  • Only chance to poop on others


  • Poor Graphics
  • Limited Gameplay
  • Poor Musical Score and Sound Effects

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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