In Silence

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a game by Ravenhood Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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In Silence
In Silence
In Silence

I am pretty stoked to be talking about In Silence today. This is a multiplayer survival horror game that I and my friends have had an absolute blast playing on our game nights. During the pandemic when we were all stuck inside, this game was a firm favorite of ours and always was something that one of us would recommend playing. As much fun as I have had playing this game with my buddies, I do have to say right away that this is a game that is only fun if you are playing with people, you know so, please keep that in mind.

Don’t Hunt What You Can’t Kill

The premise of the game is that we have a group of friends who are stuck in a remote place and there is a monster called Rake that is hunting them down. In Silence is not just the name of this game, silence is what can save your life.

It is a fun premise and the kind of thing that would make for a really good horror movie. Rake kind of reminds me of the creatures from A Quiet Place and that is very cool.

Playing As A Survivor

If you play as a survivor, you basically have two ways that you can win the game. You can either find the parts for the car to repair it so that you can escape. Or, if you can find the hidden armory, you can get some weapons and try to kill Rake. Working together is an absolute must. The “gimmick” is that Rake can only see when there is sound. If you are quiet you stand a chance, but he can hear everything and even from a great distance.

Whispers In The Dark!

You will have to communicate with each other, but In Silence makes communicating essential and also dangerous. The further away from each other you are the louder you will have to talk, but this translates to the game. The louder you talk, the easier it is for Rake to hear you! You can also use sound to your advantage, you can set up a noise so that Rake is distracted or you can lure him into a trap if you feel like you have the ability to kill him.

Stepping On A Rake

Playing as Rake sees you being pretty much blind unless there is sound. The way In Silence uses sound is very clever. Once you hear a sound, Rake can run at amazing speeds to get to where the sound came from to attack the humans. It is fun stuff and I would say that playing as Rake does require more skill than playing as a survivor. To keep matches fresh, the layout, perks (yes you get perks before each match), and item placement are completely random each time.

Fun With Friends

I touched on this at the start, but this is a multiplayer game (although can play it on your own) that is only fun when played with people you know. I have tried playing this on my own with random people and it has never once been a good time.

From cheaters, people who shot abuse, and just general jerks, I have not come across a community like this in quite some time. Granted it is not everyone, but if I did not play this with my friends and only tried to play it with random people, I probably would never have gone back to it after my first try!


I think that when played with your buddies, In Silence is a tremendous game. We have been playing this for a while now and we always have a fun time. I do think that I prefer playing as a survivor over playing as Rake, but I always have a good time with this. You can play with up to six people. Including myself, a team of four is how I experience the game and I find that to be a great number.


  • I love the whole premise/story behind the game
  • It makes very clever use of sound
  • I like how chatting to your teammates can be so nerve-wracking
  • Each match is random so you never know what to expect


  • I have found the community to be pretty damn brutal if I am honest
  • The updates have been very slow

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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