Magic Carpet

a game by Electronic Arts
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is an innovative new game that PC players will find familiar. The unique gameplay combines shooter action with strategy. You are a hero on a Magic Carpet, performing strategic strikes against your opponents. Destroy their assets and collect the leftover mana to build up your own fortresses. These strategic elements set this game apart from games like Descent.

Magic Carpet is rich in technique and gameplay. There are all sorts of enemies, ranging from mindless worms to irritating bees to a giant crab, all the way up to your main competition--the wizards. Each enemy needs to be met with a different response. Fortunately, you have a variety of magical spells at your disposal, including offensive attacks and mana collection.

Magic Carpet sports some terrific-looking graphics and lots of texture-mapped polygons as shown in the detailed pictures supplied by EA. What has to be seen yet though, is how well and how fast you will be able to fly on your carpet. There appear to be an awful lot of polygons that have to be pushed around. This title will be released for both the Sega Saturn and the Sony PS.

  • MANUFACTURER - Electronic Arts
  • THEME - Action

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