Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun

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a game by Nao Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun

Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun is an indie game that has already rocked the world, despite the fact that most players have only caught a glimpse of it at gaming expos. The game promises to revolutionize platforming and roguelites in a new and exciting way.

The game has been scheduled to release August 2nd, but in the mean time exciting reviews are still pouring in from various gaming reviewers about this game.

Just One Button

The biggest way Ninja or Die sheers away from other similar games is through its navigation. Almost everything is done through a single button. The ninja being controlled can’t even walk—players navigate through leaping over and over in the direction they want to go.

Jumping, parrying and attacking are all handled with the same button. The action simply changes on where you are in relation to the enemies. If you jump at an enemy for example, damage will be done on passing it. How much damage is done depends on the ninjas current armor and level.

Altogether, you only need two buttons to control the game. One to plot the direction you want to go, and the other to execute it. If you’ve ever played Dandara, it’s a similar movement style.

Stylish Graphics

Pixel graphics are the staple of the platforming roguelite world, and Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun chose to go down that path. The game has relatively detailed pixel art, and a dark but colorful color scheme. The movement and animations are also very well done.

Lots of Customization

As the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to customize your game. This includes new and different weapons, magic scrolls, and armor. You can also upgrade your home village as you rescue new villagers and repair or upgrade buildings.

This allows you to take the game in the direction you want to go to a small degree. There’s a fairly wide range of different weapons, armor and villager types to choose from. On top of the customizable gear, the game also offers a few procedurally generated levels. These levels are created by the game and thus are always unique.

Fail and Restart

In this roguelite, if your ninja dies you have to start over—but the game does offer things like instant respawn and permanent upgrades. These make it easier to get back to where you were before in the game, but still keeps things interesting.


This is an exciting game that has gotten many of the top reviewers around the world talking. Although it’s hard to see from the trailers whether a platformer roguelite will be good, we can tell from the passionate reviews Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun is going to be a good one. If you love roguelites and are looking for a simple game that is still fun to play despite just needing two buttons, this game is one of the best out there.


  • Dramatic graphics
  • Customizable weapons, armor and villages
  • Simplified Gameplay


  • None known

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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