One Way Heroics

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a game by Spike Chunsoft, and SmokingWOLF
Platform: PC (2012)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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One Way Heroics
One Way Heroics
One Way Heroics
One Way Heroics

One Way Heroics is a gem of a game built on a simple premise. The world is slowly coming to an end and the only way to avoid its destruction is by running… away from the fog of death. Spike Chunsoft built this simple premise into a dungeon crawl, filled with monsters to fight and items to gather before time runs out. If you have enjoyed games like Darkest Dungeon and Octopath Traveler you may want to give this game a look.


One Way Heroics is a roguelike game with a ton of replay ability. Roguelike games give you the added challenge for forcing you the start from the beginning each time you die. You have one life to live-in One-Way Heroics.

Each death will result in the loss of gear and levels achieved in the previous playthrough. However, advancing through the game is not without its long-term rewards. Each playthrough will earn you genesis points. These points can be used to purchase upgrades for your character.

Additionally, there are some items in the game that can be carried over to your next play through. So, death in One Way Heroics is a substantial setback but, rewards you earn during your previous play through should make successive playthroughs easier. One thing that sets this apart from iron man style roguelikes is that the game does have save feature. This feature is integrated into the game with the save fairy character. You may also save be spending 5 levels of progress or by using a save gem. This comes with its own cost. If you restart a playthrough from a save point you forfeit any genesis points or carryover items.

The games combat is repetitive affair that is really on the shallow end mechanically. Characters exchange a series of blows with enemies around them in a turn-based fashion. There is some excitement when hordes of enemies threaten to overwhelm the player. Players do have special abilities they can use at times but, positioning is the key to successfully navigating the game battle system.


One Way Heroics is unapologetically retro. The game has a classic look that modern day indie games utilize so well and so often. Nothing really stands out about the game visually it is standard fare. The same old pallet. The characters and monsters have a familiar charm, but nothing will stand out as memorable.

The Conclusion

One Way Heroics is a for a certain niche of gamers but, it does enough to distance it from the staples of the genre that may make it cliché. The game uses its freedom from the tropes of its genre to make a free and highly accessible roguelike that players new to the genre may find to be a gentle introduction into what could otherwise be a brutal genre.


Even if you never complete the game it can still be rewarding and enjoyable experience. One Way Heroics is a worthwhile investment for gamers.


  • Accessible Roguelike
  • Massive Replayablity
  • Pixelate Retro Style


  • Generic Visuals
  • Harsh Difficulty

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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