Pistol Whip

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a game by Cloudhead Games
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip

VR Games have been having a tough time selling, but you can't really blame the games, after all getting set up with a good VR set isn't easy. But even with that, we've had great games like Doom VFR and the amazing Half-Life Alyx. But what could happen if you could relieve action worthy of John Wick in your own living room? Pistol Whip is aiming at that, so let's see if it delivers.

A rhythm game?

If you think VR and rhythm probably the first game that immediately jumps to mind would be Beat Sabers, but Pistol Whip does something different yet similar. If you’ve played Sayonara Wild Hearts, imagine that but being in an FPS. Pistol Whip works perfectly as a rhythm game even if it’s not directly one. But unlike Beat Sabers, there aren’t extra tracks or custom made ones.

16 themes, but hundreds of bullets

The game has 16 amazing themes and levels you can go through in different difficulty settings depending on your skills. You'll have to follow the rhythm to shoot your enemies before they shoot you, but don't worry, you can actually dodge the bullets too by dodging them in real life. It's super interactive, and with the amazing songs, it will have you getting the rhythm down in no time.

Fun on rails

Unlike Beat Sabers, the enemies aren’t coming at you, but you’ll be advancing through the levels just like the old shooters on rails. You can’t control the movement speed but you have to keep an eye out in every direction. Bullets can come really fast, but the Matrix-like effects will have you dodging bullets and shooting all the time. Even though the game has a set speed for your character, how fast you aim, shoot, and reload is completely up to you. Train hose reflexes and get ready to finish up some bad guys.

Crazy Visuals

Previously I mentioned Sayonara Wild Dreams, now that game has some beautiful art and visuals. And while Pistol Whip doesn’t really compare to that, it does offer some amazing, bright, and exciting visuals that will keep you energized. The crazy colors in the world and the visual effects are sure to make you feel just like in the action scene of a very stylized movie. If you like that night club scene in the first John Wick, then you’re going to love this game.

Pistol Whip surely is no Half-Life Alyx, but it has a lot of great things going for itself. The gameplay experience delivers with what it promises, and that's the most important part. It's a fun game full of action that will test your reflexes and aim like no other. The great visuals and art style go perfectly with the techno music the game has.


The rhythm element is key in mastering this game, but it doesn’t feel like just another “hit-the-notes” rhythm game. This definitely gives the game some extra points, and it makes it more enjoyable.


  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Very Fun to play
  • Great replayability
  • Excellent visuals
  • Very Original
  • Exciting


  • Can easily get you dizzy
  • Too short

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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