Sabbat of the Witch

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a game by YuzuSoft
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 5 votes
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Sabbat of the Witch
Sabbat of the Witch
Sabbat of the Witch

Sabbat of the Witch is an eroge visual novel game that is one of the most popular to be released in the last couple of years. It is brought to us by Yuzsoft and it is some of the finest work in this genre that you will ever see. Before you jump into this I do feel I have to warn you that if you want to see all that this game has to offer, you are easily looking at 30 – 40 hours of content, so know going in that this is not a visual novel that you can blow through in an afternoon.

Witches Get Stitches

What I loved about the story in Sabbat of the Witch was the supernatural element that it had. The main character is a dude called Hoshina Shuuji and he has an “ability” that allows him to know what other people are feeling. One day in the library he stumbles across a classmate called, Ayachi Nene getting herself off and they strike up a strange friendship.

She tells him about the world of witches, oh and he is also super horny all the time as well. Hoshina learns more about his life, the witches in the school, and of course, he manages to get lucky on a pretty regular basis. The game has four deep paths for you to go down so there is a ton of story in this game.

Ticking All Of The Boxes

For me, a good visual novel game has to have a strong story, but the visual aspect of the game is just as important. Thankfully, Sabbat of the Witch is a spectacular looking game. the character designs have a very unique look to them that makes them stand out very well from other games. I liked how there were little bits of animation here and there, this is most notable when they are talking and their facial expression will change to show their emotion.

The sex stuff in the game is very hot, but it is also done with a bit more “care” than many other eroge games tend to go for. The soundtrack is very fitting, with some awesome catchy tunes that you will be tapping your feet to while you are playing the game. As far as the whole presentation goes, I cannot think of anything that the game does which I do not like.

Hey, Witchy Ladies!!!

This is a visual novel game so there is not exactly a ton of gameplay that you need to keep on top of here. You basically read what is happening and then you will be given choices. The game has four paths for you to take and each one is based around a different girl/witch.

Which one you like best will depend on your own personal taste. I do feel that they have made each girl in the game very likable and unique enough that most people will probably want to go and play through all of the paths that the game has to offer so they get the complete experience.


I have played a ton of eroge games over the years and I would right now rank Sabbat of the Witch close to the very top of that list. It had everything that I would ever want in a visual novel game and I really cannot praise the whole thing highly enough. The story is great, the game looks amazing and I ended up playing it for a little over 40 hours all things considered!


  • The game has a ton of content to get into
  • Plenty of different ways the story can go
  • The XXX content is amazing
  • I liked the way the characters expressions would change
  • The whole game has a high-quality feel to it all


  • Full voice acting would have been the icing on the cake
  • I legit cannot think of another complaint

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Hoshina Shuuji is a sensitive boy who loves to help others—sometimes to his detriment. All the other students at his school know that if they ask him for a favor he will bend over backwards to comply. This is the main character of Sabbat of the Witch, an entertaining eroge visual novel.

The story begins when Shuuji enters the library in order to help a fellow student and finds Ayachi Nene masturbating there. When he tries to apologize, he inadvertently makes things worse by absorbing the feathers Nene needed and had been collecting.

The rest of the story is about trying to get those feathers back, and of course meeting all the gorgeous ladies you can romance. There’s a number of them, including Nene herself, who has the longest and most developed storyline. The entire game is a generous 30 hours long, giving you plenty of time to meet and enjoy all the different people in Sabbat of the Witch

Beautiful artwork

The art in this novel is stunning, with beautifully detailed backgrounds and beautiful shading and coloring of the characters. The CG is also well done, with art that moves and changes expression during dialogue. This really adds to the storyline, especially one where emotions are so important to understanding what is going on.

Slow story pace

Since this is a pure romance novel, Sabbat of the Witch lacks a hook that compels the reader to finish the story. Some readers may find the story boring or feel the pace is too slow because there is nothing else besides the romance to drive it. While the pace of the story is leisurely, there’s still plenty that makes it enjoyable, especially for eroge lovers. Shuuji is a well developed character with thoughts and opinions of his own that color the story, and the other characters are well developed as well. The game is sweet in the same was as Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ but perhaps a little bit better done.

Thoughtful game play options

It’s not just the graphics that are decent in this game. The developers also took the time to offer some nice features that make enjoying the novel easier. This includes things like adjustable speeds for how fast the text appears, and other display options. While it’s not easy to tell immediately what each button does, the fact that these options are available makes a big difference.

If you just want a good romance and some sexy CG scenes, Sabbat of the Witch will satisfy all your needs. If you prefer additional plot besides romance however, you may find yourself craving a little more than what this novel can offer you. This is for romance lovers almost purely.


Sabbat of the Witch is a beautiful eroge romance that eroge lovers will find enjoyable all the way to the last chapter.


  • 30 hours of gameplay
  • Beautiful art
  • Smooth gameplay options


  • A little hard to navigate game play options
  • Slow story pacing

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