Sega GT Online

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a game by Sega
Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Sega GT Online
Sega GT Online
Sega GT Online
Sega GT Online

Sega GT Online had come out two years ago it would have been a great game' wait a minute - it did. Unfortunately nothing has changed for this latest GT except the Xbox Live support, which is slipshod and adds little to the game. I hate to be so harsh about what once was a pretty good racing game, but Sega really deserves it this time. Sega GT Online remains nearly unchanged from Sega GT 2002. The game does add 40 new vehicles to pick from a soundtrack that is more annoying than Indy ' but the gameplay, graphics and sound are untouched.

This simulation follows the tried and true method of starting the game with a tiny chunk of cash that you use to buy your first car. You then have to win races and cash to upgrade the car and eventually buy new, more powerful rides. One of the neat touches of the original game is that your prize money first has to be used to repair the damage on you car before you get to spend it on upgrades or new cars. The concept is quite a bit of fun to play; unfortunately the actual racing isn't nearly as fun.

I found the controls awkward and far too unreal for this game to be classed a simulation. The artificial intelligence is absolutely horrific with the cars racing off in perfect unison, all cutting the same exact line and sheepishly allowing you to cruise by them. Although the game tracks the damage to your car for after race repairs it apparently doesn't bother to let the car know while you are racing. You can have a nearly destroyed car and still take corners and speed along straight-aways with no problems.

Graphics offer up cutting edge imagery from two years ago, in other words, it's not really that good anymore. The sound is at best mundane. The game does sell for an incredibly low $19.99 so I guess relying on a nearly unchanged game as a foundation can be forgiven, if the add-ons make up for the stale play. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. This has got to be the closest I've come to not enjoying an Xbox Live experience. Typically, game play on the Xbox broadband network is seamless and offers plenty of cool frills. Not so in GT Online.

The game is bargain basement all the way with poor online matchmaking, a clunky online game setup interface and a selection of game types, which while inventive, just aren't much fun to play. The new modes include Team Battle and Navigator. In Team Battle you divide the laps up between team members. So each member of a team of three would race one of the three laps in a race. In Navigator you play with two in a car, the driver can see just what's in front of them while the navigator has a much broader view of things.

The biggest disappointment is how the online games end. As soon as the first player crosses the finish line the game ends. It does not matter if you have one or a dozen laps to go, the game is over. Sega GT Online is a low-priced version of what once was a great game, but with so many excellent racers out there to choose from it is a good idea to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Normally, the price of a game doesn't affect my opinion of it all that much, but Sega GT Online is such a bargain, I really can't ignore it. You get all the excellent offline content of Sega GT 2002, along with a nice collection of new cars and a really impressive suite of online play options, all for just $20. Oh, and if you already put a lot of time into the last game, no worries--you can transfer your garage into Online with ease. Of the various online races, the most compelling has to be the Navigation mode, in which players team up as driver and navigator. While the driver handles the wheel and throttle on a fog-filled track, the navigator's screen is clear. You'll only attain sweet, sweet victory if the navigator barks the proper commands and sends appropriate turn warnings over Xbox Live while the driver reacts accordingly. It's all very cool. If you're looking for a bona fide sequel to GT 2002, you won't get it here. But at this price, and with enough play modes to keep you busy for months, there's absolutely no reason not to take the green flag with Sega GT Online.


If you're an Xbox Live fan, you need this game, even if you already own Sega GT 2002. It's a steal. The additions to the single-player game are minor at best (some extra cars are the biggest news), but as an online racing sim, it's up there with MotoGP 2--but with more diverse and interesting multiplayer modes. Hot tip: The 1937 Auto Union Type C absolutely destroys. Just ask Greg, who found out the hard way.


All it took was riding shotgun in Demian's Subaru WRX STi, shouting out directions as navigator with the vantage point of an onscreen map, and I was convinced that Sega GT Online would forever change online racing. Battling against real opponents on Xbox Live is a blast, but teaming up with buddies for relay and rally races is where it's really at. While this game lacks the requisite overhaul due for any true sequel, GT Online still packs plenty of value--especially at just 20 bucks. Pick it up.

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