Shove It - The Warehouse Game

a game by Dreamworks
Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis
Genre: Arcade Classics
Rating: 7/10
Shove It - The Warehouse Game
Shove It - The Warehouse Game
Shove It - The Warehouse Game
Shove It - The Warehouse Game
  • Levels: 160
  • Theme: Puzzle
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Average

Ever wanted to get a fast car, lots of money, and your best girl by your side? Now all you need to do is to get 160 different floors filled with boxes organized in order to complete the owners offer.

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Game Reviews

Get ready to Shove It! with Dreamworks' first title for the Genesis. Your challenge, as Stevedore the warehouse man, is to solve a series of complicated puzzles. The tricky part is you've got to do it by shoving a bunch of boxes into specific locations in each room. Overall, you've got to put 160 different warehouses on 16 different levels into order. With each level the difficulty of the puzzle increases. Play by yourself or match your wits against another warehouseman. The game keeps track of how many moves it takes you to solve the puzzle, so you can see who's the smartest and most efficient at Shoving It! And don't worry if you get tired out by moving all of those heavy boxes. The game lets each warehouseman take a break between warehouses to dream about wealth, cars, and their beautiful girlfriends.

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