a game by Pavel Zagrebelnyj, and Oovee Ltd.
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Since the dawn of the simulation game craze, it seems like there is a video game for nearly every profession out there. You have Farming Simulator, PC Building Simulator and Surgeon Simulator out there on the market to name a few but the list is seemingly endless. So when we saw that a game that allows you to simulate off-road driving in Soviet Russia had hit the shelves we weren’t all that surprised in truth. This game is, of course, Spintires.

This game plays rather similarly to other vehicle-based simulation titles such as Euro Truck Simulator and Bus Simulator, aside from the vehicles being a little more agile and punchy. Plus, thematically it bears some resemblance to Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic due to the setting and the attention to detail to replicate the Soviet landscape.

Down and Dirty

Every simulator game has to have a USP. Something that sets it apart from the rest and makes it a really interesting game to play. For this particular simulator, it’s got to be the mud. As you traverse the backroads and off-road sections of the Soviet landscape, you really get an appreciation for the level of detail the developers have put into the physics and the visuals for the terrain. You get a real sense of the weight of the vehicle, you can really feel when the car is struggling to get traction on the slippery surface and the way the mud splatters with such realism is great to behold.

The overall aesthetic has to be appreciated too. In some areas we must admit, the land can be rather sparse and barren. However, for the most part, you get treated to an authentic Soviet environment that is a joy to explore as you go about your tasks.

Getting From A to B

This game doesn’t just allow you to roam around in a big old truck aimlessly. You’ve got to earn your keep and you’ll do that by completing deliveries. It’s very much like Euro Truck Simulator in this respect but there are some key differences that make this game feel unique. The vehicle switching system being the most notable one. If you get stuck in the dirt, you aren’t doomed to fail. You’ll be able to access the map and gain access to another truck which can rescue you by dragging you out of the dirt.

The other positives include a variety of vehicles to choose from in your garage and a dedicated hardcore mode for all the experienced off-road drivers out there. However, the one key downside to this game is the missions which become stale very quick. It becomes a game that is essentially a game of back and forth with no intrigue to keep the events fresh or exciting. We can only assume that this was due to the limited scope that the niche area of simulation this game covers allows but at the end of the day, the developers chose this avenue, so they only have themselves to blame.

Stuck In The Mud

Spintires is an interesting concept that offers some highs and one crippling low. The range of vehicles, the great visuals and environment design and the brilliant physics are all great and make the game initially gripping. However, as time rolls on and you complete a few missions, you realise that the game has little more to show you and it soon becomes a chore to play.


In short, a fun experience at first which will soon grate on you but at least the mud looks great.


  • Physics are fanatically handled
  • Visuals and environment design are great
  • Wide range of vehicles to use


  • Lack of varied missions
  • The game loses momentum fast

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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