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The King of Fighters '98

King of fighters brings 38 chars, while some are secrets, you have the most well varied chars options, Kyo, Terry, Ryo, Leona, Kim, Athena, King etc.
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Sega Genesis

The King of Fighters '95

Enter King of Fighters '95, which combines the two games into one, to see just who is King of Fighters.

The King of Fighters 00/01

The cult of the 2D fighting world is alive and well and this double disc set of the best in side-scrolling fighting will surely be a top pick among fans of the niche.

King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact - Maniax

Fighters come and go, but they never seem to learn much from one another.

The King Of Fighters 94

Get ready for the dream match of the year! A brand-new way of fighting has arrived.

The King Of Fighters: Dream Match 1999

As it is, the King of Fighters series has always brought SNK's superstars together in one convenient package.