The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge

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a game by Westwood
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge

If you have had enough of playing insufferably cute and loveable characters in adventure games (a la two million Sierra games) and you are crying out for something new, something that lets you do really nasty things to everybody, release your pent-up aggression and go on a wild orgy of chaos and wanton destruction, then Westwood's new adventure just might be of interest of you.

Kyrandia 3 puts you in the role of evil jester Malcolm (the baddie from Kyrandia 1) and your objective is to help him seek bloody revenge on all the people who have pissed him off (which happens to be just about everyone in the whole world). In the first game, your goal was to help nice-guy Brandon, right wrongs and generally do nice things in Kyrandia.

At the end of the adventure, Brandon turns Malcolm to stone and so emerges victorious. Kyrandia 3 begins when lightning strikes and Malcolm escapes. He's now looking for revenge and it's up to you to make sure he gets it.

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Kyrandia 3 has a stunning intro with truly excellent animation, which sets the scene perfectly for the beginning of the game. The most notable improvement in this episode compared to the previous games is in the graphics departments. All of the graphics have been rendered in 3D Studio, and contain more depth and detail than the prequels. Being a cd adventure it has, of course, digitised speech for all the characters, some of whom you'll recognise from the earlier games. It also has lots of puzzles, spookily enough, but one puzzle you won't have to solve in Kyrandia 3 is when to laugh. Malcolm is a dab hand at the old witty ripostes, and when he cracks a particularly humorous number, an imaginary audience responds immediately with canned laughter and applause in tacky tv sitcom-style. This, friends and neighbours, is truly weird. It might be something you'll get used to after a while, but I wouldn't bet on it. Still, it's unusual, but not particularly irritating so it shouldn't get in the way of your enjoyment of the game. On the plus side, the graphics really are something.

Unlike in the previous Kyrandia games, many of the characters and creatures in Malcolm's Revenge are animated and do highly amusing things when you try to talk them. The voice-overs, also, are refreshingly inoffensive for a CD game. There appears to be more variation of plot to boot. During the course of the game, you will guide Malcolm through his escape and capture, on to the ends of the earth, into the Underworld, and finally back to good old Kyrandia to wreak havoc and destruction. Along the way, you will use disguises, toys and whatever bits of magic you can get your hands on to help you in your quest. The first two Kyrandia games were ridiculously successful, and on the strength of what we've seen so far,

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  • PC compatible
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