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Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 3 reviews
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In the past few months, Psygnosis has bombarded the PlayStation market with many previously unseen titles. Continuing this tradition in the point-and-click category is Discworld. based on Terry Pratchett's worldwide best sellers featuring wizards and heroic failures.

Discworld is a humor-filled adventure game that is designed to challenge you as much as entertain you. Every object and encounter within the game are there to help you complete the quest or more importantly, provoke laughter. Even the way you talk to others is meant to exploit the included humor text more than to jump to the chase and get the answer you were seeking.

The plot forces you into the shoes of Rincewind, who has been summoned by the archchancellor of the Unseen University. The chancellor sends you on a legendary quest to bring an end to the mysterious dragon that has caused a reign of terror among the citizens. Using all of your puzzle-solving ability (and your natural skill to insult others), gather the items that will help eliminate the fire-breathing beast. Talking with the citizens, collect the required information and tools that are needed to complete this giant task.

Discworld's graphics and sound are extraordinary, with everything being easy to control. No fast or precise "hit the button now" actions are required by the player. This lets you just sit back and enjoy everything this title has to offer.

Discworld is not the type of game that can be finished in less than a few hours. A long and hilarious plot filled with many quests and riddles awaits unsuspecting players.

  • PUBLISHER - Psygnosis
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Discworld is best described as an interactive Monty Python episode. The voice prevalent throughout gameplay is hilarious and the quest is loads of fun. The graphics are drawn well. I wish it was possible to interact with more things, but the game is large enough to overload you with puzzles. The access time in the opening cinema has to go. If this is a sign of the adventure games to come for the PlayStation, the future looks very bright indeed. Great game, hilarious story.


Discworld was originally developed for the PC, and will be making its way to the PlayStation. First of all, you should buy the PlayStation Mouse before you can totally enjoy it because the pad gets cumbersome. This is one major drawback that--up until now--has plagued many home conversions. I found myself not wanting to put this baby down right from the get-go. Excellent graphics, intricate story line and humor are just a few of the features that make Discworld a winner.


This game, originally designed for the PC is now going to grace the TV screens of PlayStation owners. In Discworid, you control the character Rincewind and must rid your kingdom of a dragon. Eric Idle of Monty Python is the voice of Rincewind, and with the voice of Eric also comes the humor of Monty Python. The game is hilarious. The worst thing about the game is the fact that once you start playing it you will have absolutely no friends or social life.


I hear Eric Idle's voice. No more needs to be said! As the funniest point-and-click adventure to appear in a long time, Discworld features a load of dialogue all done in sarcastic British humor. This game is solid entertainment from the intro to the last stage. Even the riddles and quests have been developed for enjoyment more than purpose. Graphics are top-notch. And control is, well, the standard for a point-and-click. My only gripe is that the game drags at some points.

If some straight monster battling and weapon gathering is what you're looking for, then skip Discworld. This find-and-seek text adventure is straight comedy with a dose of fantasy thrown in.

World of Laughter

Using the vocal talents of Monty Python's Eric Idle, the whole game has a very British, very Python-esque feel to it. More talking than action, this game will leave your sides aching from laughter, even if it leaves your RPG appetite yearning.

Ported over from the popular PC title, this point-and-click adventure pits the hero, Brince-wind (also repeatedly referred to as Breakwind), against the Magicians' Guild and a whole cast of nefarious characters, including a psychologically disturbed troll and three aging co-medians/wizards. There's even a running donkey-cart joke that is part of the plot.

But besides the humor, there's nothing else to recommend here for RPG enthusiasts. There are no weapons, skill levels, or magic spells.

Basically, you must reconstruct a device to detect dragons, then go off on separate hilarious journeys to find the pieces. But you find that your lust for gold has surpassed your thirst for knowledge, and the game takes some very odd twists.

Wizard of Aha's

The graphics are humorously illustrated with lots of cartoony explosions, wry facial expressions, and even some bright Disney-like backgrounds. But the game never shows off intricate or awe-inspiring graphics for the spells like most standard 16-bit games do (Chrono Trigger and FF III are perfect examples).

The sounds are the games forte. Excellent, clear, and extensive dialogue reigns supreme throughout the game, and you are given (thankfully) the option to stop people in mid-speech. Funny sound effects, like squishy worms or fireworks explosions, are also clear as a bell. But the tame music never surpasses the dialogue and remains pretty limp.

The control is standard point-and-dick. The game is compatible with the PlayStation Mouse, but you won't need it - the joypad works just as well. If you can keep your inventory in check, you'll have no problem playing Discworld.

Slipped Disc

Plenty of laughs but little challenge make Discworld somewhat of a novelty for serious RPG players. But serious RPGers are definitely not what Discworld is looking for. For a change of pace, give this Disc a spin.


  • See the sleeping luggage on top of the wardrobe? Something long and broomlike should waken it. If only you had a broom.
  • You won't be able to get past the Monkey librarian without a library card or maybe an edible passport Check the luggage for a banana.

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