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a game by Door 407
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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URBO is a relaxing yet engaging city-builder that tasks players with expanding charming towns across floating islands. Unlike more complex sim games, URBO streamlines the experience with a minimalist art style and intuitive gameplay focused purely on strategic housing placement. While it may lack deep simulation mechanics, URBO's elegantly designed puzzles deliver hours of soothing entertainment.

In each level of URBO, your goal is to fill oddly-shaped floating islands by placing an assortment of different sized houses. You start with a couple small homes, which then upgrade into larger houses, continuing to grow as long as they have open adjacent space. The islands provide challenging constraints, requiring thoughtful planning to maximize your town's growth. As soon as you run out of room, another floating island appears, giving you a fresh landscape to fill.

Zen-Like Visuals

URBO's tranquil aesthetics enhance the laidback experience. The soft pastel landscapes and upbeat background music create an almost meditative ambience. The minimalist low-poly 3D graphics are a marvel, providing visually pleasing towns full of character without looking overly busy.

URBO certainly doesn't attempt to emulate realism like SimCity or Cities: Skylines, instead crafting a stylized world optimized for relaxed engagement. More than a city sim, URBO feels more like a puzzle game for civil engineers.

Satisfying Spatial Puzzles

While simplistic on the surface, URBO's spatial challenges involve surprising depth and difficulty. Each new island shape requires rethinking your settlement patterns to fully utilize the space. Strategically clustering houses together is crucial to enable upgrading and expansion.

Leaving even a single open gap can limit growth down the road. URBO continually pushes you to devise efficient designs, especially as the islands become larger and more complex. The satisfying "eureka" moments when you perfectly fit every house make all the head-scratching worthwhile.

Streamlined City Building

Don't expect the deep simulation and customization of hardcore city builders. URBO opts for accessibility over complexity, cutting out detailed urban planning mechanics. You can't construct roads, zones, or infrastructure – just houses. Some players may crave more control, but URBO's minimalist approach illuminates the core appeal of spatial problem-solving.

There's enjoyment in optimizing neighborhoods with simple place-and-upgrade mechanics, rather than juggling intricate systems. URBO delivers that joy in a charming bite-sized package.

With its clever puzzles and cozy aesthetics, URBO makes city-building blissfully relaxing. While it omits the elaborate simulation of fuller sim games, its elegant designs compel you to keep discovering ingenious spatial solutions. URBO is a delightful example of less being more.

URBO offers a uniquely tranquil spin on city-building, trimming the fat to craft an experience optimized for laidback engagement. While seasoned fans of deep simulation may want more complexity, URBO's minimalist designs provide plenty of serene enjoyment for casual players.


In its stylized simplicity, URBO provides engaging city-building puzzling without undue stress or complexity. Fans of minimalist designs will especially appreciate the clean aesthetics and stripped-down mechanics.


  • Addictive spatial puzzles
  • Soothing visuals and music
  • Intuitive mechanics


  • Can feel repetitive after long sessions
  • Not enough customization options

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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