Virtua Tennis

a game by Altron
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Dreamcast GBA
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Virtua Tennis
Virtua Tennis
Virtua Tennis
Virtua Tennis

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I've said this several times in the last year (thanks to the 2« games), but here it goes anyway--this is the most incredible-looking sports game I've ever seen. Sega has managed to power pack the characters with polys while keeping them fluid as a waterfall and as lifelike as you or I. But the truly beautiful thing about Virtua Tennis (besides the graphics) is the learning curve. Anyone can pick up a controller and perform moves Pete Sampras would be proud of. The intuitive control and character reaction time are right on target. Beginners just move toward the ball and hit the button, but it's much harder to exploit the techniques needed to really jam. For example, the strength of a shot depends on how hard you charge the ball (the direction you're coming from also factors in). Aiming, ball-spin, and tapping the potential of each pro takes time. You'll even find some nifty mini-games to prepare you for the harder tournaments. One has you beating back giant beachballs with your returns while another involves a bevy of bombarding serving machines. My only knock on the game is its replay value. I know Virtua Tennis is essentially an arcade game but I can't see staying with it for even a tenth of the time I've devoted to NBA or NFL2K. It's one of those games you'll pull out to impress your friends but probably won't keep playing after they leave. In my opinion it's tailor-made for non or casual sports fans.


With an emphasis on easy gameplay and an arcadey feel, I wondered how Virtua Tennis would compare with its sim cousins of the vaunted "2K" series. Well, for all the sim features that may not be present, the foundation of the game succeeds in fast, fun and varied action. Each mode, singles vs. the CPU, singles vs. a friend, doubles et al, adds a new layer of fun and depth. Throw in the World Circuit mode, which requires the player to progress through a series of challenging mini-games, and you have a game which offers high replay value. Sure, the players could have had signature shots, and there could be more options, but it's still a winner.


Wow. I'm not usually the sort of person that is hankering to play a tennis game--I haven't thoroughly enjoyed one since the SNES's Super Tennis. But, lo' and behold, it appears there is another. Virtua Tennis has the elusive magic (like Hot Shots Golf) that draws everyone in--hardcore sports fans and casual gamers alike. As I was playing the game in my cube, fellow editors seemed just as entranced watching the action as I did playing the game. This is more than a hopelessly addictive tennis game, my friends, it is a tennis experience. I haven't yelled at a game, rejoiced at a game, and cried with a game the way I did in VT's matches. Buy it. Buy it now.

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