WitchSpring R

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a game by KIWIWALKS
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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WitchSpring R
WitchSpring R
WitchSpring R
WitchSpring R

WitchSpring R is a charming and addictive RPG that will cast a spell on fans of fantasy simulation games. Developed by Kiwiwalks, WitchSpring R tells the story of Pieberry, an adorable witch-in-training longing to explore the human world beyond her secluded forest home.

With its anime-inspired art style, customizable skill trees, and relationship-building mechanics, WitchSpring R will feel familiar to anyone who has played games like Rune Factory 4 or Stardew Valley. Yet WitchSpring R manages to brew up something unique with its lovely animated cutscenes and focus on crafting spells, foods, and potions.

Exploring a Lively World Full of Surprises

After a heartwarming intro that endears you to Pieberry and her Grandmother right away, you're set free to guide Pieberry on her journey into the wider world. The freedom to choose which skills to develop gives Pieberry a delightful personality all your own.

Whether you focus on boosting her magic prowess, her culinary crafting, or her ability to befriend monsters and pets, Pieberry grows in engaging ways. Like Potionomics, discovering new ingredients to whip up potions and dishes is addictively fun.

WitchSpring R's world feels alive in exciting ways. The hand-drawn backgrounds are lush and lovely. Pieberry's animations, from her little hops to her dramatic spell-casting, are full of personality. From her witch village home to sprawling forests and quaint human settlements, surprises wait around every corner.

Crafting an Arsenal of Spells & Magical Meals

At the heart of WitchSpring R is its deep crafting system. Finding rare ingredients to cook up magical meals to boost Pieberry's abilities is engrossing. Experimenting to craft new spells and upgrading Pieberry's staff keeps combat interesting. The sheer variety of items to find and create gives a delightful sense of progression.

While WitchSpring R casts a lovely spell overall, some technical issues demand a fix. Long load times when transitioning between areas disrupt momentum. Frame rate drops occur when too many characters or effects appear on the screen. These performance problems don't ruin the experience but do need ironing out.

Building Relationships Through Gifts

Like in the Harvest Moon series, building relationships with WitchSpring R's cast of characters by giving gifts is rewarding. Seeing Pieberry make new witch friends, gain the trust of humans, and even tame monsters through gift-giving opens up engaging story events.

WitchSpring R is a must-play for fans of fantasy life sims. Its charming protagonist, engrossing crafting, and relationship-building make for an enchanting experience. Minor performance issues don't ruin what is otherwise a magical journey perfect for wandering spirits.

Simply put, the game is an enchanting adventure perfect for RPG fans hankering for fantasy comfort food.


WitchSpring R casts a delightful spell that simmered my spirit. While some technical issues need addressing, its magical world, charming cast, and addictive crafting brew up an experience I didn't want to end.


  • Adorable protagonist full of personality
  • Engaging relationship-building
  • Deep crafting system


  • Long load times
  • Frame rate inconsistencies
  • Can feel repetitive over long play sessions

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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