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Gradius Galaxies

A meteor containing a self-breeding DNA program impacts on Ramiles, the fifth planet in the Gradius system.

Konamis Parodius Deluxe Pack

Konami's Parodius Deluxe Pack combines both of the arcade versions on one CD Parodius actually means parody of Gradius.

Deadly Arts

When will I be able to sit down and challenge a fellow ninja to a good fighting game on the N64?
Nintendo 64

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

"Gimmicky" is one of those words that's often thrown around in reviews. Obviously, to be gimmicky, a game first needs a gimmick: something that's unusually innovative.

Ephemeral Fantasia

Mouse, a traveling musician and amateur thief, has been contacted to compose a song for Lord Xelpherpolis's wedding.


Using a variety of sliding puzzles, the player is challenged to roll a ball along tracks set on the tiles.
Sega Genesis

Lethal Enforcers 2

Lethal Enforcers was an excellent shooting game set in present times.

NBA: in The Zone 2

I feel bad for this game only because Live 2000's dominance hasn't left much room for anyone else.

Kid Dracula

Oh those chaps at Konami! Once again they take a name (Dracula) and really make it into an original game filled with fun and surprises!

Double Dribble 5 On 5

Double Dribble for the GameBoy. It's as intense as the NES version only now it's portable and in black and white.

Broken Helix

Broken Helix offers far more than your average first-person adventure game.

Konami Golf

The masters of game design are moving into the GameBoy system with a new golf game.

Namco Museum Encore

What's this? Two Namco Museum games in one issue of EGM? Again?

Inti Track And Field

Konami's classic debuts on the GBC this August.