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Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2

Think you're a fast draw? Later this year, Konami will be giving you the chance to prove it on your PlayStation with the arcade shooting classics Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2.

Online Chess Kingdoms

First off, to even consider this game, you have to at least enjoy chess on some level.

In The Zone 2

This fall, Konami will return to the court with NBA In the Zone 2.

NBA In The Zone '98

For the first time ever NBA In The Zone '98 jams it home on the N64! Feel every rim rockin' dunk as you take your team through a full regular season and into the NBA finals! All 29 NBA teams plus two NBA All-Star teams. Over 300 NBA players includi..
Nintendo 64

Inti Track And Field

Konami's classic debuts on the GBC this August.

Castlevania: The Adventure

Simon Belmont makes another appearance in this special GameBoy return engagement.

Double Dribble 5 On 5

Double Dribble for the GameBoy. It's as intense as the NES version only now it's portable and in black and white.

Konami Golf

The masters of game design are moving into the GameBoy system with a new golf game.

Rave Master

The fighting is from a detached camera angle that shows you both characters as you wander around the stage, which is usually a fairly square patch of ground, littered with various breakable objects.

Broken Helix

Broken Helix offers far more than your average first-person adventure game.

Bottom of the Ninth

The game begins with the trademark PlayStation introduction. If you're not familiar with the PlayStation introductions, game companies seem to be in competition to create the most spectacular intro scenes possible.

Crypt Killer

The coin-op version of Crypt Killer hit the arcade some time ago.

Raging Fighter

Raging Fighter by Konami will knock your socks off on the Game-Boy! It's portable fighting time!

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

"Gimmicky" is one of those words that's often thrown around in reviews. Obviously, to be gimmicky, a game first needs a gimmick: something that's unusually innovative.

Disney Sports Snowboarding

Here's a great example of 'just another extreme sports game.' Join up with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pete, and Chip & Dale on a not-so-wide array of courses that'll put your fingers to the test with difficult controls and mind-numbing action!

Gradius Galaxies

A meteor containing a self-breeding DNA program impacts on Ramiles, the fifth planet in the Gradius system.

In The Zone

If you own a PlayStation, In The Zone will be waiting for you some time this month.

World Circuit Series

Hop in your F-1 racer and take on the best racers in the world in World Circuit Series by Konami.

Airforce Delta

Konami's Game Boy Color version of Airforce Delta attempts to re-create the slick air combat of its Dreamcast big brother.

Dark Silhouette Silent Scope 2

Dark Silhouette is Konami's follow-up to their gimmicky sniper game with a realistic built-in scope.

ESPN NFL Primetime 2002

Any gamer that lives and dies by their sports games will tell you that it is very difficult for a new franchise to have success early on.

Konamis Parodius Deluxe Pack

Konami's Parodius Deluxe Pack combines both of the arcade versions on one CD Parodius actually means parody of Gradius.

Solar Assault

G radius and its subsequent sequels were extremely popular in the arcades and home market.

Rengoku 2: Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.

You never really know what to expect from the sequel to a bad game. Sometimes developers listen to their audience and work on fixing everything that was wrong with the first title.

Street Supremacy

There's a time attack mode thrown in as an afterthought, and a team battle mode where you'll spend most of your time.

Ephemeral Fantasia

Mouse, a traveling musician and amateur thief, has been contacted to compose a song for Lord Xelpherpolis's wedding.

ESPN X Winter Games: Snowboarding 2002

Sometimes, designers focus on flashy graphics and insane track design to make a title more interesting.

7 Blades

This action title, due in the U.S. late this year or early 2001

The Final Round

Konami is going for a birdie with Final Round, one fantastic golf game.

Karaoke Revolution 3

Karaoke has strange effects on humanity. For some, karaoke is an activity that offers the average Joe a chance to be a super star singer, if only for a few minutes.

NBA In The Zone 2000

It's called "The Zone." Marcus Camby found it in last year's NBA Playoffs. We took it from him and put it in this box. Open it up. Shoot the lights out! New dunking animations. Let it fly with the game on the line! All-new freethrow design - don't ..
Nintendo 64

Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge

Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge allows you to custom design your own racing vehicle and race with the pros.


First of all, just take a gander at these screenshots--and yes, that's all real-time graphics. Now, as if Z.O.E.

ESPN International Track & Field

Konami hadn't yet slapped the ESPN license on the PS2 version of this game when we took a look at it


Using a variety of sliding puzzles, the player is challenged to roll a ball along tracks set on the tiles.
Sega Genesis