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Sega Genesis
Leaping from the pages of the popular comic book come the Ex-Mutants. Choose Shannon or Ackroyd as you weave your way through the nuclear wasteland to battle the minions of the evil Sluggo and restore the human race!
Sega Genesis


Haunting Game
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Your job is to scare each family member out of the house by possessing various objects in the house.


Shipwreckers also has an entertaining Multiplayer Mode.

Fear Effect

It's a little Indiana jones. It's a little Blade Runner. It's a little Sixth Sense, survival horror and John Woo.

Legacy of Kain

Legacy of Kain is set in the not-so-scenic land of Nosgoth, where peasants huddle in villages for protection from vampires, zombies and other horrors roaming the world.


Sega Master System

Ghouls And Ghosts

This favorite is largely responsible for catapaulting everyone's opinion of the Genesis system into the stratosphere.

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (Little Big Adventure)

The graphics and sound of this game are well above par, even by today's standards.

Twinsen's Odyssey

It was one of the most involving and well-played games I have ever played, in spite of a couple of quirks in it.

Citizen X

The full-motion thrills of the Sega CD hit an all-new high with Citizen X, an interactive movie that sets new standards for this type of game.

Destroy All Humans

The one thing setting _Destroy All Humans_ apart from most titles on the market is the offbeat sense of humor.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

As the title implies, Sly is no longer the lone wolf on his quest: Murray and Bentley, his two sidekicks, are now playable characters.

A Bug's Life

Based on the animated film, A Bug's Life is an epic game of miniature proportions. The story follows the exciting adventures of a misfit ant named Flik as he tries to save his colony from a greedy gang of grasshoppers led by Hopper. As Flik, you tr..
Nintendo 64

Conker: Live and Reloaded

A few years ago, a game for the N64 was released, that well, raised a few eyebrows and caused many parents to pay closer attention to the type of games their kids where playing.

Shadow of the Colossus

Armed only with a magic sword, a bow, and your trust horse Agro, you'll spend most of your time in this game riding over the lush, verdant, dank, murky, foggy, and all about stunning terrain, guided by beams of light reflecting from your sword.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

When you think of innovative game designers, Capcom doesn't seem to stand out.

The Getaway: Black Monday

However, Black Monday's biggest fault is that it tries to expand upon the original Getaway without fixing the original problems that plagued it; and there was a long laundry list of issues with The Getaway.

Time Commando

Time Commando is an action game with a new twist on the time limit.


Every once in a while a game company does something wonderful: they think outside of the box.

Fuzion Frenzy

Call up your friends and buy three more controllers because this party game is the perfect venue for battling with your buddies over a plate of hot nachos and surly competition.

Grabbed By The Ghoulies

First, like any good arcade title, especially one built for kids, there's stuff to destroy and unlockables to be found.

Kameo: Elements of Power

Not that Kameo doesn't deserve that accolade on its own, because it really is an enjoyable game. As the titular heroine Kameo, you have been betrayed by your own sister who has chosen to ally herself with the sworn enemy of all Elves, the Trolls.

Medievil 2

SCEE's (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) surprise hit MediEvil was tremendously well-received when it was released over a year ago, so it's little surprise that a sequel has been in the works ever since.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

The games starts with you taking on the role of Samanosuke a samurai bent on defeating the evil warlord Nobunaga.

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates

Once, hundreds of years ago, dragons and humans had an alliance, but that alliance was destroyed in a great and terrible war that drove the dragons into a long slumber and put Drakan into a time of chaos and decay.


A puzzle-filled action RPG similar to Zelda.

G.I. Joe

It seems the Cobra Organization has terrorized the world for decades. Now the G.I. Joe Team is mad, and they're not going to take it anymore!

Shadow Man: 2 Second Coming

The effort was a mild success, but there are some definite areas for improvement.

Way of the Samurai 2

What the heck was Capcom thinking? I'm guessing it must have been something along the lines of: 'Lets save a buck or two and get the janitor to do the voice acting.'

Soul Of The Samurai

Soul of the Samurai comes from that familiar school of fixed camera angles and prerendered backgrounds (a la Resident Evil).

StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge

In the original Star Tropics, his archaeologist uncle was captured, leaving the teenager to find him and bring him back. Now Mike has been thrown back in time through his uncle's history book, meeting such figures as Cleopatra and Sherlock Holmes.

The Mark of Kri

What do you get when you combine stunning graphics, infectious gameplay, exquisite game design, and a compelling storyline?


A great tumult filled the earth in ages past. The mages of the world, hell-bent on power and destruction, enslaved the people of the world to do their evil bidding.

Silent Bomber

It's not often that a game questions the morality of the violence it portrays, and it's refreshing to see Silent Bomber's hero struggle with his actions.

Professional Bull Rider

As a kid living in the cornfields of Iowa, I had the opportunity to ride a few horses and some cattle.

Rocko's Quest

Rocko's Quest follows a basic and worn out story line consisting of Rocko's girlfriend being abducted by an evil horde and his attempt to retrieve her.

Stitch: Experiment 626

As soon as I picked up this game, my kids went nuts. They had already seen the new Disney movie, 'Lilo and Stitch' and they wanted more.

Young Merlin

You have to fight enemies using spells that are gathered during the progress of the game as well as solve puzzles and use several objects.

Another World

Another World is an adventure game, where the adventuring element is concealed behind what looks like a typical platform shooter.
Sega Genesis


Based around a storyline, there's no straight 'gameplay' option, but the plot itself gives you plenty to work with. Armed at first with just a few guns, with more weaponry available later, after you've 'trained' in the game, you'll investigate a st..


Anew Highlander appears every 700 years.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

In this action packed game you become Billy, the meanest good guy in the Louisiana Bayou, determined to save your girl from the evil clutches of the Gangster King of Bourbon Street and his henchmen.


Although this action/adventure from Ultra has a side-scrolling perspective the gameplay is reminiscent of role-playing games such as Solstice, Shadowgate, and Déjà Vu.

Beyond Good & Evil

What separates this game from the pack is its unique mixture of fighting, racing, puzzle solving and' .um' .photography.


This single player game of action mixed with puzzles.


Crusader of Centy is an Action Role-Playing game, developed by NexTech and published by ATLUS, which was released in 1994.
Sega Genesis

Big Sky Trooper

Once selected, it is up to your Big Sky Trooper, piloting a FIDO class starship, to engage the slugs in space and in planetfall and thwart their plans to destroy mythical galactic devices and conquer humanity.

Day Dreamin' Davey

The teachers screaming, his classmates are laughing, but, hey, Davey doesn't mind he's got a daydream... or two, or three, or four to finish.


Devastation has lots of weapons, slightly intelligent opponents and offers control of a non-player character team, but is in a severe rut theme-wise.

Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs

Who else but Dirty Harry, that 44 Magnum-packing mad man of movie fame, could rid the city of its filth.


Discworld is a humor-filled adventure game that is designed to challenge you as much as entertain you.


When I first started playing Draconus, I wasn't very impressed.

The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II

The Mafat Conspiracy from Vic Tokai features the continuing exploits of agent provocateur Duke Togo of Golgo 13 fame.

Freedom: First Resistance

In Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom series of books (Freedom’s Landing, Freedom’s Choice, and Freedom’s Challenge), humans are subjugated by an alien race known as the Catteni....

Headhunter: Redemption

It's been a longtime complaint of mine that the content demonstrated in most modern games is sorely lacking.

Incredible Crisis

We're not sure what's more incredible: this game's concept or that Titus is actually bringing this game to the U.S. in September.

It Came From The Desert

Adapted from the popular Amiga title, although the Genesis port bears more resemblance to the movie Tremors than to it's original inspiration, the classic film Them!
Sega Genesis

Kagero: Deception 2

The story goes something like this: A race of blue-skinned people called the toki-bito are brainwashing humans into killing each other.