Age Of Mythology Extended Edition

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a game by Ensemble Studios
Platform: PC (2014)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Age Of Mythology Extended Edition
Age Of Mythology Extended Edition
Age Of Mythology Extended Edition
Age Of Mythology Extended Edition

Jump into a world of mythological tales full of beasts and fantasy in Age of Mythology Extended Edition, a revamped version of this classic real-time strategy game. Containing legendary tales pulled from Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology, this game blends strategy with fantasy to fantastic results. In addition to the base campaign and game modes, Age of Mythology Extended Edition also includes some extra features that fans will love. Fresh graphics, widescreen visual options, and an entire expansion pack are all included to increase the quality of the game and its offerings. For players who like strategy games but also enjoy more fantastical stories and characters, Age of Mythology Extended Edition is a spectacular choice.

Main Game Features

  • Two full single-player campaigns
  • Four playable cultures to choose from
  • Build your city and take over nearby settlements


In Age of Mythology Extended Edition, you have two main story campaigns to choose from, either “The Fall of the Trident” campaign or “The Titans” campaign. Spread across 32 levels, The Fall of the Trident campaign has you deeply entwined in the world of Greek mythology. Starting with a battle in the Trojan War, you'll travel between various fabled locations, including the Underworld, Mount Olympus, and more. Unlike the story campaigns in games like Age of Empires II HD, Age of Mythology Extended Edition tries to tell a more cohesive tale on a large scale, spanning several decades with multiple characters.

The Titans campaign continues where The Fall of the Trident ended and follows the Atlantean culture as they try to rebuild after Atlantis is destroyed. As they encounter resistance from the Greek and Egyptian cultures, the Atlanteans must build up their civilization and repel these attacks. The Titans campaign sees returning characters and new ones as well, bouncing between the Norselands, Greece, and more. Both campaigns are tons of fun, although some missions are occasionally slower than others. Either way, fans of mythology will love how Age of Mythology Extended Edition uses these classic myths to form a new story.


Similar to other real-time games like Age of Empires and Starcraft, Age of Mythology Extended Edition is all about careful planning and proper military tactics. If you're not playing one of the two single-player campaigns, you can start your adventure by picking one of the four cultures available, including the Greek, Norse, Atlantean, and Egyptians. Each culture has a major god for you to choose, which provides bonus effects, buildings, and military units to use. Your overall objective is to build up your civilization and survive through the four Ages of mythology, starting in the Archaic Age and ending with the Mythic Age.

In order to ensure your civilization's survival, you must collect resources, construct buildings, and create a military force to defend and attack nearby settlements. There are multiple resources to find and accumulate, including food, gold, and wood, which can be earned by crafting the proper buildings or sending villagers out to gather them. As you create new structures, you'll also need a military force to defend them. You can train various military units, including cavalry, infantry, and even mythic beasts to form your military. If you ever become bored with the main game, you can even create your own missions using the built-in scenario editor.


Age of Mythology Extended Edition offers a lot of content for fans of strategy games, including two campaigns, over a dozen unique maps, and a scenario editor to create your own missions. Thanks to the inclusion of The Trident expansion, you can dive into the lives of four different cultures, building them up to reign supreme in this fantastical world.


With stunning 3D graphics, lots of customization options, and endless ways to obtain victory, Age of Mythology Extended Edition is a fabulous strategy game that sticks out from the rest.


  • Lots of cultures represented
  • The Titans expansion is lots of fun
  • Good mix of fantasy and reality


  • Repetitive soundtrack
  • Some missions feel boring
  • Main campaign is drawn out

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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