Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner

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a game by Black March Studios
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner
Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner
Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner
Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner

As someone who has enjoyed tactics RPGs since the PS1 days, Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner is a game that is very appealing to me. As I write this the game is slated for a quarter 2 2022 release and it is one of the RPGs that I am most looking forward to getting my grubby little hands on later this year. I thought we could have some fun today by taking a closer look at what this awesome looking tactics RPG is promising to offer.

A Kingdom Divided Is Weak!

They have not given a ton away about the plot of Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner, but it is your typical fantasy-based tactics RPG stuff. The setting for the game is the land of Wendalle which is fractured and as a result very weak, a “friend” to the king has betrayed him and now an invading force threatens to take the land. A hero rises up and is the only hope of fighting back the invading force. Like many tactics RPGs, it appears that politics are going to play a role here. The story is just one of the ways that you can clearly tell, Final Fantasy Tactics was a huge inspiration for this game.

Playing With Power

While Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner may be inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, one area where it has a more “modern” feel is the presentation. It has the same kind of viewpoint as Final Fantasy Tactics and I would have to say it does share a similar style. However, there is no way the PlayStation could have done slick and smooth hand-drawn sprites like this. I really like the fantasy medieval setting that they have going on here, but I do hope that there is a bit more variety to the environments than we have seen so far as it is a bit “grey” looking in most of what I have seen so far.

Classic Gameplay, Modern Style

If you have played a tactics-based RPG before, Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner is going to be something that you will love sinking your teeth into. They have gone for a classic style of gameplay here, but with a few things that you would find in a more modern tactics-based RPG. There is a grid system where your battles take place, you have many different classes you can choose from, there are a couple of hundred abilities characters can use and there are many different weapons that you can customize. There is a lot to take on board here, but if you are into this genre, that is something you should be very excited about.


I know that tactics-based RPGs are not for everyone and some people cannot get into them. However, if this is a genre you are a fan of, Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner is a game that has to be on your radar. I have been following this one closely and it looks like the team behind it really know what they are doing and want to make a game that those of us who grew up loving Final Fantasy Tactics can truly appreciate.


  • I love how it has a modern game design, but also has a classic feel at the same time
  • It has a pretty cool and interesting high-fantasy setting
  • The combat looks like it is going to be quite deep and also a lot of fun
  • There are tons of classes, abilities, and weapons to use


  • If you have never been into tactics RPGs, I am not sure this will win you over
  • While I think the game looks great, I hope that there is more variety in the areas than what we have seen so far

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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