Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

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a game by Manekoware, and Fire Hose Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered
Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered
Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

There are a few of us I am sure who were very excited when Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered was announced. This is a remake of a classic “cat-em-up” game where we get to play as a mischievous kitty that is causing havoc! If you have a cat, you know how much mischief cats can get up to. I have two cats, Thor and Loki and they terrorize my house and are always getting into trouble. Well, with this game, we get to play as the cat and see what it is like from their side.

You Do Not Own A Cat, A Cat Owns You!

The gameplay of Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered is mission based. You pick a cat and the “story” of the game is that you want to go around the house, doing what you want to do and making sure that your human knows you are the one that is in charge.

The game has a great sense of humor and you know those memes where people write what it looks like a cat is thinking? Well, that is the kind of humor that is at play here and it is done very well.

That HD Shine!

They said that they have built Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered from the ground up so rather than just slapping some HD paint on here, they have actually redesigned much of what is on offer here to give the game a fun cartoony style. It is a basic, but funny kind of style, almost like a Cartoon Network show from the 90s. The various cat models are much improved from the original game and there are many different cat photos that you can earn which are fun. I do also have to give them a lot of credit for cleaning up the game in terms of the UI which is much easier to look at and understand now.

Doing What A Cat Does!

The gameplay of Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered has you selecting a cat and then taking on different missions, there is a sandbox mode where you can do what you want as well. You will have to knock down some of your humans’ prized possessions, scratch up the curtains, climb up to places you are not supposed to be, and in general, just cause chaos around the house.

My cats do this on pretty much a daily basis so I got a real kick out of this. The game randomly generates the levels which is neat and there are powerups like the catnip and special abilities that you can use which help you go on your cat rampage around the house.


I think that Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered is a lot of fun and you do not need to know about the original game to have fun here. I think that they have made a game that has a lot of charm and screwing around as a cat and causing trouble all over the house or finding a random spot to take a cat nap is something that I got a major kick out of. I am not sure this is the kind of game that is going to have a great deal of longevity to it, but while it lasts it is a good time.


  • I love the new visual style the game has
  • Screwing around as a cat is a lot of fun
  • There are many different missions for you to complete
  • You can have fun in the sandbox mode


  • I am not sure there is a great deal of longevity to the game
  • While there are many missions, many of these are very similar

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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