City Life

a game by Monte Cristo
Platform: PC
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City Life
City Life
City Life
City Life

Look Outside. Everyone's walking around, minding their own business. They all hate each other, but thanks to good parenting (and the fear of reprisals) they're not running around kicking each other in the face and nuts. This is peace -humanity in balance. Monte Cristo has brought cultural disharmony to the world of town planning with City Life -introducing six distinct cultures for you to deal with, from the Hilton-esque 'elites', scoffing wrens' egg omelettes off ruby platters, to the 'have-nots', who are forced to lick whatever nutrients they can from each other's mucky bodies.

It's your job in City Life (on top of the usual sim-planning, schooling and the provision of swimming pooling) to keep these six cultures in check. The blue collar workers don't think much of the artsy fringe types, so you're encouraged not to build mechanics' shops next to mime artist refuges, unless you want your meticulously planned streets running thick with blood and face paint. It's all set in real-time 3D, and as you'd expect, you can descend like a clawless god-eagle to watch your wee folk hugging or arguing to the same sort of extent we've seen recently in competent stuff like Tycoon City: New York. It's all pleasantly distracting, although when a game appears in which you can pinch someone's arse in a bus queue and blame it on a bald man, fax us.

It's a brave conker that'll take on the heritage of Maxis' 17-year-old oak tree, but it's also been a good two years since the SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion gave everyone the chance to flood a hospital. Come April, City Life might just slot into the mayor-shaped hole in your heart.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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