Don't Starve

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a game by Klei Entertainment Inc.
Platform: PC (2013)
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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Don't Starve
Don't Starve
Don't Starve

Adapting, overcoming and surviving are three of the most important things in Don't Starve. From developer Klei Entertainment, known thanks to games like Shank and Mark of the Ninja, comes one of the most complex survival indie games. Released in 2013, Don't Starve rose to fame thanks to its well-developed mechanics and incredibly imaginative world. Even though the game has changed quite a bit since it's the original release, thanks to updates and added content this game is still going strong. And since it's original release it received ports to pretty much any device you can game on, and it even got expansions for multiplayer and more.

Surviving the world

In Don't Starve the player can unlock different playable characters, each with its special abilities and treats. As the name implies, the main goal of the game is, well, not starving and surviving. While this may sound simple at first sight, it isn't.

Starving is not the only bad thing that can happen in Don't Starve, and the player has to endure a lot of hardships throughout its struggle. In a world that looks like straight out of Tim Burton's mind, the danger is just around every corner. Enemies that lurk in the dark are constantly haunting you, but so is the weather, as the player must be sure to keep warm and safe. Finding resources for your survival while keeping an eye out for monsters and weird creatures everywhere in everyday routine in Don't Starve.

Sure, it may not sound that hard, so to make it tougher, add permadeath to all this. That's right, once you die you lose all your progress and there's no "continue" or extra life screen. This not only forces the player to learn everything they can about how the world works but also makes every decision count.

Sandbox of survival

There are plenty of other survivors out there, as well as sandbox game experiences where the possibilities are pretty much endless. You could even, in some ways, compare this game to a title such as Minecraft. While people tend to associate Minecraft with creativity, it's survival mode is quite nicely developed. Similar to Minecraft, in Don't Starve gathering resources and building a refuge is key to your survival. But in both games, it is equally important to learn how to fight and defend yourself. Of course, the visuals are completely different as well as the gameplay, but the main idea of surviving in a sandbox experience is pretty similar.


Don't Starve is an excellent example of what indie games should be. Well developed experiences full of imaginative content, and it even presents tough challenges to the player as survival is no joke in here. You must survive as if your life depends on it, because well, it does

  • Graphics and Visuals: While the graphics of the game are rather simple, it makes up for it with its excellent art direction. The character design and world-building have a strong personality that brings it to life. And thanks to its simplicity it doesn't get old, it will always just look cartoony, a smart move seen in games as Cuphead.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay quality will depend strongly on which version you play. While it is always consistent and pretty solid, the PC version is the most comfortable due to its UI being specially made for PC. But even in Nintendo Switch, it is easy to get a grasp of the controls.

  • Sound: the sound goes excellent according to its visuals, and while it may be its weakest aspect it is still nicely done. The soundtrack doesn't get annoying and is like another character in the game. Once again, heavily inspired by Tim Burton's style, a solid soundtrack, and sound design.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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