Download Ignition and get ready to burn rubber in this high-speed racing game! Choose your vehicle, customize your ride, and compete in thrilling races across a variety of challenging tracks. Are you ready to take the checkered flag? Start your engines and play now!
a game by Unique Development Studios
Platform: PC
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It is just crazy to think that Ignition was originally released over 20 years ago! This was a very popular racing game that I spent a ton of time with as a kind on our old Packard Bell. It was re-released in all its original glory just a couple of years back and it showed that you do not need fancy graphics and tons of gimmicks when the gameplay has aged like a fine wine.

Take It To The Top

Ok, so I will say that when it comes to its main single-player racing mode that what we have here with Ignition is not going to compete with modern racing games. However, that is not to say what is here is bad. You have a championship mode where you need to finish in first to third and if you do you will earn points. At the end of the championship, if you are the winner of the cup, you move onto the next one.

As Addictive As A Can Of Oil In Radiator Springs

While the championship mode is where you will initially spend most of your time. Ignition has some other modes for you to play. There is a single race mode that you can do, but it is the other two modes that I love. First is the time trial mode and this is something my dad and I would play to death back in the day. You are trying to get the best race time possible and you then get to race your ghost.

The other game mode that I like is Pursue Mode and this back in 1997 when I first played it was unreal and it is still a great deal of fun now. The idea of this mode is that the player in last place at the end of each lap is eliminated! It makes for some very tense and action packed racing.

Micro Machi…

The racing style that is on offer here is cool. While I would describe the racing as “arcade” style racing. One interesting thing is that you can have manual transmission if you like. Each car has four stats which are acceleration, speed, turbo, and grip and depending on the car you have the stats will be different. The racing to me is most comparable with Micro Machines, but the V3 game that was released on the original PlayStation.

Each of the tracks has a lot of personality to it and for a game that is 20 plus years old, I feel the visuals hold up quite well. There are many things on the tracks that are trying to trip you up ranging from pedestrians that drive like maniacs to avalanches.


I had a blast going back and playing Ignition. It is so awesome when you play a game you loved as a kid and it has aged well. I would not say that the visuals are the best, but the gameplay has stood the test of time. I loved playing this on my own, but it was even more fun playing some local co-op with my son just like I use to with my dad back in the day.


  • The game just oozes charm and personality
  • The racing is easy to get to grips with
  • I love the visuals
  • Plenty of tracks and cars
  • Multiplayer is a ton of fun


  • I do wish championship mode had a bit more to it
  • Might be too “Arcady” for some

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

What is it you desire in a racing game? If it's speed and realism, then you can forget Ignition. If instead you crave a simple game that's attractive and more than a little addictive, then this quirky little racer is for you. The tracks are varied, the cars are fun, and there's something for the single player and the network gamer alike. Play the game in split-screen mode against a chum and it's even better.

Admittedly, the viewpoint takes a few minutes to get used to, and a few more than the seven or so tracks would've been welcome, but once you've succumbed to the game's charms you'll find it hard to justify disliking this simple racer.

The most important thing here is that Ignition has that elusive Cthing' about it that keeps you coming back for more and more, even months after you've completed it. If you missed the fun first time around, I implore you not to miss it this time. It's one of the few games that absolutely everyone can enjoy.

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