Last Year: The Nightmare

Download Last Year: The Nightmare and survive a terrifying multiplayer experience! Work together as a team or hunt down your friends in this chilling asymmetrical horror game. Ready to face your nightmares? Play now!
a game by Elastic Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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Last Year: The Nightmare
Last Year: The Nightmare
Last Year: The Nightmare
Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare is a really weird release to talk about. From what I gather there are like three versions of this game out there right now and they are all their own separate entity which is very strange to me. However, as someone that loves horror movies and as someone that went to high school in the 90s, this was one survival 5vs1 style of game that I was more than happy to try and see what it had to offer.

It Is Going To Be A Scream!

The first thing that I think is really cool about Last Year: The Nightmare is the setting. It takes place in high school in 1996 and you play as one of a few different teenagers that need to try and survive as there is a serial killer on the loose in the school and they want you dead! It is not going to win any awards for originality. However, I did get vibes from 90s slasher flicks like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer and that is pretty awesome.

Teen Spirit

This is a 5 vs 1 survival game and depending on what side you are playing on, Last Year: The Nightmare can be quite a different game. As far as the teenager goes, you have different classes that you can play as one of a few different classes with each one offering the team something different. The four classes are assault, medic, technician, and scout and each one plays differently. This is a real cooperative kind of experience as you need to work together to escape. You can all team up to fight off the serial killer, build a bomb to take him out, sneak around and hide, and so on. The game tempts you to split up and you will if you want to complete certain objectives, but that leaves you vulnerable!

The Killing Joke

There are different killers that you can play as in Last Year: The Nightmare and like the teens, each one plays differently. You can lurk around with an axe causing massing damage or perhaps be sneakier with how you track them down. You can use the environment to your advantage by using it for some gruesome kills, but you can also sneak around and mess with them to make them scared and hopefully easier to pick off one by one.

High School Never Ends

One of the things that did impress me with Last Year: The Nightmare was how large the school was. There are many different areas in the school such as the gym, the library, lunch room, class rooms, and even the yard and underneath the school! I do wish that they went a bit more all in with the whole 90s vibe as the music has a kind of 90s style to it, but while the game looks decent enough, as a kid of the 90s I think that they could have leaned into this a bit more.


I know that there is no shortage of these survive against a killer style games and the way that Last Year: The Nightmare has been released is very confusing. However, I did find myself having fun with this. It may be one of the more basic versions of this style of game, but the whole 90s vibe and the fact I had fun playing this with a couple of buddies did keep me and my friends entertained for a while. If you can get this for a cheap price, it is certainly worth checking out as long as you have some people to play it with.


  • Each of the teenagers does feel unique
  • I liked the 90s setting
  • The high school is way bigger than you would think
  • With some friends, this can be a really fun time


  • The way that this game/series is released is super confusing
  • It is one of the more basic games of this style that I have played

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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