Hello Neighbor

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a game by Dynamic Pixels Ltd.
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 6 votes
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Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor

Despite getting average at best reviews, Hello Neighbor was a bit of an internet sensation on the good ol’ YouTube. It is a horror/puzzle game that actually is deeper than the art style suggests. While I would never in a million years say that this game is perfect or even close to it. I think they created a good foundation here which is evident in the fact we have had a prequel; a spin-off and a sequel is currently in development as I write this.

Strange Mr. Peterson

The story of the game starts with you playing as a child. You have moved to a new town and as the title suggests, Hello Neighbor is all about your relationship with your strange neighbor, Mr. Peterson. While playing in the street, you notice something strange over at his place, like he is locking someone up in his basement. You decide to head over there to figure out what is going on.

The story has a very sinister kind of thing going on and the ending kind of shocked me as I was not expecting this to be a game that deals with actual trauma.

How Cryptic Is Too Cryptic?

I have to be honest with you guys and say that I can see why there are some people out there who hate Hello Neighbor. This game is a first-person puzzle game. You need to sneak around the property and the house of Mr. Peterson, trying to at first make your way in, then into the basement, and then escape. Mr. Peterson is always on your tail and the AI is smart in that it learns from what you do.

The idea of the game is great, but the execution needed a lot more work. Technically, the game is sound. It plays well enough, there were no framerate issues or any “technical” problems at all. The thing with the game is the puzzle design. This game features some of the most cryptic puzzles I have ever come across in a video game. It is not good at all in giving you hints about what you need to do to progress. This along with constantly getting caught is what turns a lot of people off from this game.

Through The Eyes Of A Child!

The presentation of Hello Neighbor is great. I love the art style they have here and the first time I saw and played the game I could not put my finger on what it was like. So, I will steal this from a buddy of mine who said that the game looks like it is designed as if it is through the eyes of a child. Which as you are playing as a child at first, I guess it is.

It can be bright, but it is the basement sections where the horror gets ramped up where I really think the visuals excel. You always feel like there is something just out of frame that wants to get you.


I hand on heart do not believe that anyone has played Hello Neighbor and beaten it from start to end without using a guide for at least a couple of the puzzles (snow globe in the freezer, I am looking at you!). Still, I must admit I found myself invested in this world and thought that the premise was great. I will admit, had I not resorted to using a guide I too would have probably not liked the game.


  • I thought the setting and the premise were great
  • He really is one hell of a creepy character
  • The style of the game is very clever
  • It has some fun jump scares


  • The prequel game is made better in every way
  • The “twist” of the story was kind of brutal

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you're wondering what to expect out of "Hello Neighbor" PC, I'm here to tell you. "Hello Neighbor" PC is a game about going into your neighbor's home and finding out what secrets the neighbor is hiding. Once you get into his house, it's a combination of stealth and horror gameplay. The enemy neighbor is controlled by an AI that learns from your actions. For example, it takes notes of the player's pathways to sabotage later.

Should You Play "Hello Neighbor"

If you like puzzle games or any type of stealth mixed in with adventure I'd recommend you give it a try. "Hello Neighbor" gives you plenty of puzzles to solve in order to find secrets like uncharted or Tomb Raider. However, with the added worry of someone hunting you down to end your game as if you were playing a Resident Evil game. The game is more kid-friendly and animated but will give you just as much anxiety when you're about to get caught. If you find this game on sale due to its age you could be quite the steal.

Price, Where to Buy, Reviews, and Requirements

"Hello Neighbor" PC can be bought on the Steam marketplace currently for $29.95 in the United States. "Hello Neighbor" is the single-player version of the game. If you want to be able to play with friends you have to go with the game "Secret Neighbor" which is the multiplayer version of "Hello Neighbor" PC. As of now on steam "Hello Neighbor" has 5.272 reviews where the average review of the game ranks it very positive (The highest ranking for a game on steam). The hardware requirements of an i5 and above, 6GB ram, and a GTX 770 make it playable to almost any pc gamer. "Hello Neighbor" is also available on console and cell phone however, this review was strictly off of the PC version.


I would give "Hello Neighbor" PC a personal rating of 5/10. I played a lot of the beta in 2017, filled with bugs thats many weren't fixed before the official launch. I will say the developers have done a great job fixing bugs and other issues continuously with patches since the game came out.


The state of "Hello Neighbor" PC in 2021 is the best state the game has ever been in. It's a spooky puzzle game with stealth, pathing, and thinking on the fly thrown in. If you were ever thinking of trying it in the past now is the time to play for the best experience possible. The other big factor in my review score was the annoying controls as well as the disappointment in their lack of unique puzzles.


  • The game has a spooky vibe that keeps the player in a state of disquietude
  • Each level/act has a different environment and surroundings
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • There are multiple ways to navigate the house/map
  • The game has reactive obstacles which add a style of stealth gameplay


  • Simple Puzzle Design
  • Game physics
  • Lacks tension at times
  • Predictable Advanced AI

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