Petz: Horsez 2

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a game by Phoenix Interactive
Platform: Playstation 2 (2007)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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Petz: Horsez 2
Petz: Horsez 2
Petz: Horsez 2
Petz: Horsez 2

There's always a little bit of concern when you're about to play a game that can't spell its title correctly. It's made worse by the idea that you're not sure whether this ironic, trying to be cute, or just plain incompetent. You get the feeling that this might set the expectations for Petz: Horsez 2 - or the lack of them.

From another perspective - this is the second addition to the franchise. There must be enough demand following the first release - or at least enough of a market - to carry on with this mysterious horse simulator. The whole aura as an adult behind this concept is intriguing, to say the least. Once again - expectations are low, but it's interesting to see how this plays out.

Straight from the Horses Mouth

Before we begin shredding this game to pieces, one must remember that the target market is young children. They would be less inclined to complain about a gameplay experience. They are here to play with the pretty horses and fantasize about running a stable. Does Petz: Horsez 2 allow kids to fulfill their dreams through a playable medium?

The first universal complaint, regardless of age, is the control schematic. Even naming your horse, in the beginning, requires monumental effort to sift through the letters to complete your name. Honestly, that drag and grumble sort of sets the tone for the entire game. As an adult, you'll spend time moaning about controlling your characters, the choppy animations, and uninspired backdrops. So what are the redeeming features for the kids?

There are surprisingly some positives. The narrative is quite rich, touching on every horse fanatical dream of championing the local equestrian populace. Inside that storyline, you'll assume the role of a horserider named Lily. Players will be racing, maintaining, and raising their horses to save your ranch from evil-doers. It's unbelievably clunky to control, but it gets the job done for the target market.

There are mini-games to enjoy but seem a bit redundant with no reason to actually do them. Even more, so that they feel really awkward. Again, as long as you can play around with horses - not much else matters. As an adult looking for a decent video game - Petz: Horsez 2 is a hard pill to swallow.

Not Exactly the Rodeo

There are some saving graces to Petz: Horsez 2 from being a god-awful game. Yes, this is hard to control. The visuals, animations, and mechanics are lacking - to say the least. There is a charm about the game, though - it feels reminiscent of the feel-good Saturday morning cartoons of the 90s. The narrative makes sure of that.


Petz: Horsez 2 does what it's meant to do - and lets young horse enthusiasts live out their fantasies. Better horse control and mechanics actually come from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But that's not the core focus of the game. From a critical perspective, it deserves complete planning - from an emotional one, let it be.


  • A decent storyline that young players will feel in tune with
  • Offers a sizeable number of objectives and mini-games with your horses


  • The control schematic is poorly designed
  • Visuals and animations are not up to scratch
  • Horse maintenance mechanics leave a lot to be desired

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Playstation 2

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