Pokemon Mystery Universe

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Platform: PC
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Pokemon Mystery Universe
Pokemon Mystery Universe
Pokemon Mystery Universe
Pokemon Mystery Universe

A fan-made MMORPG for the ages; Pokémon Mystery Universe was created by fans, for fans. Form a team of Pokémon and traverse the randomly generated dungeons and endure the perpetual Beta the game is stuck in.


Okay so this game runs pretty much exactly like most Pokémon games, specifically the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. With everything you see in other Poké -games and more, you have a lot to get up to.

Primarily the game takes a 3rd person view from above and you traverse the world and go on missions. Missions consist of escorts, where you rescue a Pokémon and take them to safety. Some consist of delivering items to NPC’s. Some take place in or revolve around clearing dungeons which vary of difficulty based on the region and what floor they are on. There are a lot of abilities your Pokémon can get with a huge variety available.

Your objective is to gain Explorer points from a mission board and figure out what you want to do from there on. A lot of the gameplay uses text-based entries as opposed to a dedicated menu and buttons and such. With base building, a fair bit more gameplay appeared before me but even with that, there is not a whole lot to do beyond exploration, battle, socialising and the same 3 missions.


There is no real overarching narrative or story, besides the side stories that show up in dungeons. In true open world style, you make your objective, make your own goals and explore or fight till your heart’s content.


The best thing about the game isn’t beating dungeons; it’s the friends you make along the way. The primary reason this game was made was so you could play a Pokémon game with friends, create a little Poké-sona and run around on adventures together.

Perpetual Beta

This game is stuck in perpetual beta, this means when a project takes too long to complete or, in this case, they have no intention of ever actually finishing it , the program is good enough to stand on its own but it will constantly be undergoing patches and updates. Although that does mean the game will constantly be improving, it also means that every time it does, you’ll have even more to learn.


This game is pretty much only as fun as you make it. There is a total of 6 things you can do and once they’re done, there isn’t much else to it. It’s a nice game to take a load of and relax while you play it. Play it for the Pokémon and the social aspect.


  • It’s always great to see another open-world game based on something people enjoy
  • Base building is always fun


  • There’s actually not a whole lot to it
  • Annoying community

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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