Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke

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a game by Nick Franco
Platform: PC
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Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke
Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke
Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke

If you’re passionate about a certain game or genre, hours of gameplay can quickly get old without a little help. Many streamers and gamers quickly find new ways to entertain themselves by creating rules or variations of the game to make it more challenginging for themselves. If you see someone talking about a Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke—it’s not a new exciting game, it’s a challenge on an existing one.

To perform this, you’ll need your favorite Pokemon game, as well as a mod to completely randomize the Pokemon you get. (Hence the randomizer part.) The most common way to randomize the game is through the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. To make it a Nuzlocke challenge, you’ll then restrict yourself even more.

Pokemon Challenge

Rules can vary depending on you, but the most common rules for the Nuzlocke challenge include:

  • You may only collect the first Pokémon you come across in each new wild area. With the game randomized, you really don’t have any idea what you’ll be getting. It could be a basic normal Pokémon, or something completely wild—who knows.
  • If a Pokémon faints, it’s dead to you. You may never use it again. Just think of it like Minecraft Hard Mode. If you mess up, you lose it entirely. This definitely makes the game a lot more challenging, but also a lot more fun.
  • You must nickname all Pokémon

The goal is to make it feel like something meaningful happened when a Pokémon dies. Players typically gloss over the loss of a Pokémon with so many to choose from. Naming them helps focus on that individual. There are variations on these rules, such as allowing yourself a single resurrection or keeping ‘shiny’ Pokémon, but these are entirely up to you. Since challenges like these are self policed, there’s no one to tell you what makes it a proper challenge or not.

In this case, a randomizer Nuzlocke is a variation because you are doing both a Nuzlocke challenge and modifying it farther by randomizing it.

How to survive a randomizer Nuzlocke challenge

Survival depends largely on the luck of the draw. You may get an awesome Pokémon, and you may not. Your best shot at winning a randomizer Nuzlocke challenge is to purchase a lot of Pokeballs and Potions, and make heavy use of them. You’ll also want to grab every ‘free’ healing potion you find along the way, since you’ll be leaning on these heavily to get through the challenge.


If you love Pokémon but are tired of romping through the world, a randomizer Nuzlocke challenge may be just what you need to spice things up again. This is a truly great way to challenge yourself. If you’re new to Pokémon you may want to hold off on this challenge until you’ve gotten the basics down, but if you’re looking for a new way to show off your talents—this could be it.


  • A fun challenge for those bored with vanilla Pokémon
  • Can be done with any Pokémon game


  • It’s really hard

Download Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you’ve been seeing the Pokémon Randomizer Nuzlocke challenge popping up all over and wondering what it is, look no further. The Nuzlocke challenge has you download a ROM to your computer of the Pokemon game of your choice, with a randomizer feature added to it.

There are many randomizers out there, but the one called Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke is one of the most popular. The randomizer changes the game so that rather than seeing specific Pokémon such as Ratata at the beginning of your game, you could see virtually any Pokémon. The Pokémon also often come in special colorations. As an example, if you are playing Pokémon HeartGold, getting the randomizer version will change what sort of Pokemon you run into on it.

More than just new Pokémon

The Nuzlocke challenge isn’t just about changing things up Pokémon wise. The challenge also requires that you use no healing, potions or new Pokémon besides the first 6 you come across. This makes playing a lot more difficult because you must work with what you have instead of constantly switching up to something better. Further complicating how challenging this is, if a Pokemon faints you may not revive it. It is as good as dead to you. If you run out of Pokemon, the game is ‘finished’ and you will have to start over.

What is randomized is up to you. There’s often a lot of customization available. You can randomize absolutely everything, from what Pokemon Trainers have to what you find in the wild, or just wild Pokemon. You can also only randomize by region, so while the Pokemon are random, they’re still appropriate for the region you are in.

Pokemon Randomizers Keep Things Fresh

The most popular randomizer for doing a Nuzlocke challenge is the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. Other randomizers do exist out there, with varying levels of quality. Randomized Nuzlocke challenges are popular with streamers because it is very challenging and keeps things fresh.

Finishing the game falls to luck in a huge way. If you are unfortunate in what Pokemon you come across, you may find yourself unable to complete the game. Finding big or unusual Pokemon gets even more exciting. You never know what you will find in one of these challenges. It requires a more cautious gameplay approach, and can be extremely entertaining for viewers, or simply playing by yourself.

Should you try a Nuzlocke challenge? That is entirely up to you. Doing a Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke is a fun way to shake things up if you love Pokemon but are bored of the games. It makes things a lot more challenging.


Finding rare pokemon are more thrilling, defeats are more disappointing, and there truly is an element of luck to the game. If you feel like testing your skills, you can use a Pokemon Randomizer on any Pokemon game. Give it a try on your favorite, and see how far you can get without swapping out your Pokemon.


  • Extremely challenging gameplay
  • Keeps Pokemon Games Feeling Fresh


  • Winning is often up to luck

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