Pokémon Stadium 2

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a game by Nintendo
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 64 votes
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Pokémon Stadium 2
Pokémon Stadium 2
Pokémon Stadium 2

The Nintendo 64 console offered a new way to enjoy the Pokémon experience. Although the game wasn’t fully its own thing, it managed to forge a unique identity for itself in the face of its predecessor. Pokémon Stadium 2 has the second generation of Pokémon which is arguably the best set of Pokémon in the franchise.

Pokémon Stadium 2 features the same character models from the first game for its 151 first gen Pokémon models. Beyond that, the two games also share similar game modes. This makes it seem like the same game in some ways. However, after 20 years since its release, these details are relatively insignificant.

New Pokémon

The gameplay mechanics in Stadium 2 takes some inspiration from Pokemon Gold-Silver and Pokémon Crystal for the N64. This way, its battles are extremely intricate for a 2000 release. One of these improvements is the Special stat in Special Attacks and Special Defense. Pokémon Stadium 2 also saw the introduction of 2 new Pokémon types. Dark Pokémon like Rattata, Meowth and Persian were introduced, while Steel Pokémon like Steelix saw their debut in this game.


Pokémon fighters in this game were also exposed to additional movesets that expanded on what was available in the previous games. The items included were also increased to allow more options during battle. With these changes, the game felt more strategic with new technical approaches to every battle.

In the Free Battle Mode, players are exposed to a large stadium that can be customized with different arenas/backgrounds. These allow some diversity in the gameplay instead of the usual grass. Even better for diversity, the announcer in Pokémon Stadium 2 has a lot more quips and memorable quotes for actions you engage in.

Engaging Battles

In Pokémon Stadium 2, players don’t have access to a story mode, and the progress you’ll make is towards the goal of defeating the Gym Leaders in their castles to earn badges towards an even bigger final challenge. Once you’ve conquered the Gym leaders in this game, you will be challenged by your rival who has the same set of Pokémon as you, only stronger. So these battles are an extreme challenge.

In the final battle, you’ll face a human rival character with a fierce team of Pokémon. Taking out his team will be quite the feat, so you’ll have to be fully prepared. Pokémon Stadium 2 managed to make things feel new, and every fight really established itself as its own thing. Items play a huge part in fights and having the right thing at each moment really contributed to the experience.


  • Engaging battles
  • Endless Pokémon
  • Fun mechanics


  • Dated graphics
  • Conclusion

Pokémon Stadium 2 adds a slew of Pokémon that bring some fresh originality in the universe. The addition of Johto and Kanto made players enjoy a bigger view of this fun-filled world. With its integration in the story of the main series, Pokémon Stadium 2 allowed the franchise to shine brighter than ever with the Nintendo 64.

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Nintendo 64

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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