Seal Of The Pharaoh

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a game by System Sacom
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 5.1/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Seal Of The Pharaoh
Seal Of The Pharaoh
Seal Of The Pharaoh
Seal Of The Pharaoh

A terrible curse has unleashed a great many evil spirits into our world. Your father knows that the source of this trouble lies within one of the great pyramids. You thought that all was well, until he disappeared during his last expedition. Now his quest has fallen onto your shoulders. You alone have the power to save the world from the darkness that threatens to overtake it.

As you delve deep into the catacombs of the pyramid, you come across wondrous items and terrible monsters. Keep your wits about you, for there are many twists and turns. Mapping skills are essential, as you could get lost easily.

Seal of the Pharaoh uses the power of the 3DO to send you deep into the heart of a creepy tomb. You can almost smell the rotting bones and hear the whispering sands. If adventure's your thing, than Seal of the Pharaoh is right for you.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


Seal of the Pharaoh could have been cool, but the game just didn't play too well. It's not an RPG or an action game, but a hodgepodge of both. The enemies are totally inane, and they automatically hit you no matter what you do. Moving around is way too tedious, and the scrolling is a headache. The graphics are okay, but the things they depict are just plain bonng. Seal of the Pharaoh is a big disappointment. Rent it if you want, but don't blame me.


There's nothing special here. Seal of the Pharaoh offers 3DO players a good, old-fashioned RPG, but RPG lovers will turn away after a few minutes. The graphics are rendered nicely and the music is good, but the problem comes in the execution of the game. There's nothing you can really do against enemies, and when you do. they always clonk you right back with a very powerful attack. You can miss sometimes, why can't they? The money could be better spent.


Seal of the Pharaoh could have been a pretty good role-playing game, but failed to retain my interest. Let me explain: The game starts off fairly well, but once you get powered-up, the game is a total bore, and the enemies become less challenging. The music is pretty lame. On the other hand, the graphics are done nicely with sharp, well-rendered rooms and other areas, but this doesn't save it from being a game that's just... well... blah.


The graphics look quite impressive for the game, and the sounds are pretty decent; however, it ends there. The music gets annoying, but you can turn it off. The real drawback is the boring enemies who you can't dodge. They look pretty simplistic and always seem to hit you. However, once you get powered-up. they aren't a real challenge. The scrolling is decent, but it gets boring real fast lumbering through very similar rooms. It's okay, but nothing too compelling.

Many years ago, an ancient pyramid arose from the dust and sand. Your father ventured into the pyramid and never returned. Now you must journey inside, fight spirits, search for dad, and uncover the pyramid's mysteries. In this one-player, dungeon-strategy game, you roam through the underground passages of the pyramid, looking for clues and battling unpleasant creatures. The graphics have a 3D textured look with a distinctive first-person perspective. As you roam the pyramid, you make choices via a point-and-click pop-up menu system.

Seal of the Pharaoh combines strategic maze burning, beautiful graphics, and an Egyptian motif in the hopes that an PPG will surface. Unfortunately, this disc should have stayed sealed.

Name that Tomb

Your father has followed his fate into the tomb of Rassius III, and it doesn't look like he's coming back. While daddy is playing with mummies, the land around you has been cursed by death and decay -which is where you come in. You figure you can do a little pyramid pulverizing while looking for dear old dad.

You begin the game with a dub, an old shield, and dad's almost indecipherable diary. As you progress through the levels, you find a cast of creepy crawlies, from pyramid slimes to haunted urns to bugs the size of Cairo. You also find different weapons, power-ups, and so on.

Who's the Pharaoh Of Them Alt?

The 3D graphics are sharp and clear, but extremely unimaginative. You face only one enemy at a time, and they wouldn't scare the dust off a mummy. The halls of Rassius are exactly identical, which makes this maze monstrosity even harder on the eyes.

The sound effects and music are just as dismal. The lack of mood-inducing music, along with minimal squawks, grunts, and groans, don't do justice to the theme. Your character sounds like he wears stiletto heels and sports a limp as his footsteps echo down the hall.

The fighting and item gathering utilize a simplistic menu-based system. As a matter of fact, there's no text anywhere in the game. Everything is based on hieroglyphic icons, which are almost as indecipherable as dad's diary. Better read that manual very carefully.

No Tilts About It

Seal of the Pharaoh's lack of conversation, formidable enemies, or challenging mazes brings it down a notch for serious PPG players. Once you begin the Seal of the Pharaoh, you may find yourself hopelessly lost in its endless tunnels. Now you know what happened to dad.

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