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a game by Alexander Goodwin
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Selfloss is a story-driven game with unique visuals which come together to form a setting reminiscent of Ancient Russian and Icelandic myths. Players find themselves in the shoes of a slow-moving old man who wields a staff with a range of mystical powers, using it to light dark pathways, fight fantastical creatures, and revive the surrounding world. Designed solely by Alexander Goodwin and anticipated to release in summer 2021, Selfloss is a slow-moving adventure title which always holds something new for players to discover.

Paced Exploration

As an elderly man in Selfloss, players tend to move around the world at a reduced pace. The roll evade is a bit delayed, climbing ladders is anything but quick, and sprinting is more of a moderate jog - all reflective of the old man’s age.

Another method of travel which opens up whole new areas to explore is the use of a small boat, and the protagonist’s age clearly shows through his paddling speed. This can make gameplay feel a bit drawn out at times, though it also allows players to notice more about the surrounding environment rather than rushing past important items or side actions.

An Immersive Story

Much of the game centers around using the old man’s enigmatic staff to heal the world around him, such as whales punctured by giant swords which require removal. Upon helping these wounded whales, they transform into a spirit-like version of their past form and rise into the sky, now swimming through the clouds rather than beneath the water. Upon hearing the cry of these mystical whales, the old man’s adventure begins as players make unique discoveries along their healing quest. The game’s title, Selfloss, is also the name of a wake ceremony used by players to heal the old man’s soul, or health.

Soft Combat & Engaging Art Style

The combat system in Selfloss isn’t very fast-paced, and is far from a hack and slash - yet again, powers within the old man’s staff are what keep players protected from mythical enemies. For the most part, the staff is levitated around the player to ward off combatants with powerful shields of light, though there are still some dynamic elements within Selfloss’s combat system to keep players engaged. The soft tones of the art style appear to draw inspiration from the post-impressionism era, and instill a vibrant palette of blues and greens for a truly Icelandic fairy tale feel.

Bottom Line

It may not be the most fast-paced adventure experience, though that’s not exactly what Goodwin was aiming for with Selfloss and its more laid back sense of exploration. Travelling by boat has a way of making the world seem nearly infinite rather than limited, and the slower pace almost forces players to appreciate the beautiful post-impressionist art style. It’s a satisfyingly immersive game and an all-around pleasure, since new discoveries can keep players just as engaged as if the combat took a more dynamic approach, rather than strategic.

Similar Titles

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The mystical world of Selfloss is aesthetically gorgeous, offers an intriguing story, and is a masterpiece as a pure exploration title. For players who enjoy strategic adventure games without a serious combat system, it’s suggested they try it out upon release. The release date is planned for summer 2021.


  • A great experience for purely adventure-genre gamers
  • An immersive story indicative of Russian and Icelandic fairy tales
  • Impressive visuals derivative of the post-impressionist era


  • Drawn-out gameplay can prove too slow for many action-adventure fans

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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