Sons of the Forest

Download Sons of the Forest and dive into a harrowing survival experience! Explore a mysterious island, battle terrifying creatures, and uncover the dark secrets that lurk within. Will you survive the night? Play now!
a game by Endnight Games
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.5/10 - 59 votes
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Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Welcome to Sons of the Forest. Are you looking for a survival thriller that will knock your socks off? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to a classic title, but has had everything massively improved. This is one of the few occasions where a sequel has truly done everything right from the graphics to the gameplay. If you want a spooky time filled with base building, resource gathering and management, and some truly awesome combat, this is, without a doubt, the game you are looking for. Let’s take a look.


Created by the same guys who created The Forest, this game moves with the original idea and runs with it in a way you could only have dreamed of. You take control of the survivor of a helicopter crash on a strange island, you will encounter cannibals, harsh weather, starvation and more just to get through your first week. The objective of the game isn’t just to survive, its to dominate the island through superior tactics and firepower.

This game is about establishing yourself by building a base to keep the elements and the monsters away, then you need to explore and solve the mystery of the island. Do this by collective resources, cutting down trees, hunting and fishing, and even killing a few people and display their bodies as a warning to others. Sounds pretty hardcore, I know but it’s really very cool.

As a first-person survival game, most of the gameplay is what you’d expect, but the level of detail that has been put into those actions is truly what makes the game exceptional. Its like extreme Minecraft or Medieval Dynasty. There is, undoubtedly, a stunning amount of gameplay that I could see myself sinking thousands of hours into.


Okay, lets talk about the finer points of this title. They attention to detain shown in this game is nothing short of absolutely incredible. When you dig a hole in the ground, realistic shovel holes form as you lift the dirt out. When you cut down a tree, you can see the slice marks increasing with each strike. I don’t know if I’m doing it justice with how I’m describing it, you’ll definitely need to see it with your own eyes. It’s a level of detail that I have, frankly, never seen before and I am utterly thrilled by it every time I play.


There is a surprising amount of mystery surrounding the story. I can’t share too much, but there is a theme similar to the “Lost” TV show where more is clearly going on behind the scenes. It’s very interesting and it will capture your attention from start to finish.


An all-round incredible game that deserves your attention. If you want the next level of survival horror, this is for you.


  • Next level visuals
  • Incredible gameplay
  • Brilliant story
  • Amazing atmosphere


  • Sometimes it would be nice to play without the cannibals

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Step back into the creepiness and over-the-top survival of Sons of the Forest – the successor to one of the most shocking survival sims ever created. This time, the cannibals and the unstoppable forces of nature are out in full force, fulfilling the original game's vision for a frantic survival experience in full force.

Sons of the Forest remains as challenging as the original The Forest. With more enemies, wild beasts, and even more perplexing mysteries to uncover, Sons of the Forest is the dream of every survival fan. A sequel that improves on virtually every aspect of its predecessor, let's take a look at why you should get this fantastic game – even if you never played the first one in the series.

Survive the Nights

Like most survival games, your goal in Sons of the Forest is to craft weapons and establish a sustainable base of operations before you go deeper into the caves that plague the island. To make matters worse, the cunning cannibals from the first game are back with an improved AI designed to do one thing and one thing only: hunt you down.

This time, the game feels like a properly-developed version of Ark: Survival Evolved. Even the environments look a bit like Ark – more so than the first game. However, many landmarks of The Forest make a comeback in this sequel, including the ability to craft gruesome "totems" and other unspeakable tools to help defend your camp against the cannibals.

You're Not Alone

One of the things that made The Forest such a smash hit with fans of the genre was the unbearable feeling of isolation the game had. It was the player against the world in that title – a challenging game where every step you took could easily be your last.

That changes a bit in Sons of the Forest. Your character is still pretty much alone on an island full of meat-loving abominations, but you're not alone in the slightest. Kelvin and the "unique" Virginia serve as NPC companions that aid the player in every task imaginable.

This helps the game feel a bit more "complete" than its predecessor, even if the title is still very much in early access.

Miles to Explore

The vastness of the island in Sons of the Forest can be daunting for new players. There are lots of locations to explore, each of them appropriately more creepy than the last. However, just when you thought you've seen everything the island has to offer, that's when you realize there's an entirely different ecosystem lurking under the surface.

Sons of the Forest is the game that keeps on giving. With its solid – if repetitive – gameplay mechanics and an intriguing and compelling mystery going on with its plot, this is a game that will keep you glued to your seat for hours on end.


Sons of the Forest is the ultimate survival game. With tons of new content yet to come, now's the time to experience this amazing title – before more cannibals join the party.


  • Compelling mystery told through hidden clues
  • Eerie locations and terrifying enemies
  • Great NPC companions


  • Combat still feels a bit floaty
  • Lacks some meaningful content in its current beta state

Did you ever manage to play that game where you survived a jet crash and had to fend off mutants? Did you enjoy it so much that you could do with another one? Well, you're in luck. Sons of the Forest is returning to take the survival-horror game genre to the next level and break some more ground, as did its predecessor.

The upcoming title is poised for release in October, with a new storyline, new intense gameplay, and many horrors. You'll be able to take your experiences with friends to a remote island as you struggle for survival in this harsh environment. We haven't been able to play the game yet, but we certainly have enough content to make an opinion on the Sons of the Forest.

Gone Surviving

Sons of the Forest may be a successor, but it does not follow off in narrative from the original game. Instead, the title is an entirely new experience designed to make the survival-horror gameplay even more intense and realistic. So what about the game do we think will take these acclaimed mechanics to the next level?

First, the narrative is intriguing. The player will be tasked to find a missing billionaire on an island filled with genetically modified mutants. Of course, you'll have to set up base camp and survive while you continue your search for this prominent figure. That storyline will provide the groundwork for the flurry of build, craft, weather, and combat mechanics you and your party will leverage to succeed.

Honestly, Sons of the Forest is looking visually and mechanically fantastic as it is terrifying. Nearly everything on the island can be interacted with, such as plucking salmon out of a stream for food, using the environment to build defenses, and creating effective weaponry from sticks and stones. The diversity in gameplay and urgency certainly won't leave dull moments in the game.

Finally, the visuals look magnificent over the predecessor. The environments have a natural feel that contributes to the game's immersion. The beautiful scenery also changes, with the game engine rendering different seasons and more challenges as the landscape changes. All considered Sons of the Forest looks like a survival-horror game to look forward to.

Keep Searching My Wayward Son

Though we haven't played the game yet, Sons of the Forest looks like it will be a smash among survival-horror fans. There are big boots to fill, given the popularity of the game's predecessor. Still, initial impressions show that the developers have improved on every game element. The only downside is that the richness of the game's environments and models means that it might be heavy on the hardware.


But Sons of the Forest looks worth the play if you have the means. It seems to improve on what is already a saturated genre and surpass popular titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved. We eagerly await the release and outcome of the game and get stuck back into some survival-horror magic.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • An immersive storyline surrounding the survival gameplay
  • High-levels of interactivity
  • One of the more refined survival-horror games out there


  • Not released until October
  • It looks to be a game requiring high hardware specifications

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