Spider-Man and X-Men - Arcade's Revenge

a game by Sega, and Software Creations
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis SNESSNES GameGear
Genres: Action, Platformer
Rating: 8/10
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If you played pre-vious versions of this game on the Genesis or Game Boy, then there's nothing new for you in Spidey's Game Gear world.

X-Men Mark the Spot

Even if you haven't played the earlier versions, you'll find this latest game somewhat tedious. As always, you jump through Level l's urban maze as Spidey, then you play as any of the four X-Men, each of whom has special powers. The superheroes battle through six maze-filled levels against the evil Arcade and his heinous henchmen.

While it sounds like Marvelous fun, the side-view platform action gets monotonous, especially since you have to resolve all the mazes every time you run out of lives. The controls aren't as efficient as you'd like, and getting Spidey to jump and web-sling the way you want can be frustrating.

Marvel Madness

Decent graphics and sonic effects make this game inviting. Your heroes' sprites are small, but strong colors help them stand out against the creative backgrounds. Villains are imaginative and varied for each level. Likewise, the music changes for each hero, and a few sound effects punctuate the action game itself isn't all that chalenging; what's challenging is finding a reason to replay the early levels over and over again while you try to survive to the end.

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Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: FLYING EDGE
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: MODERATE
  • Available: MAY 1994
  • No. of Levels: 16
  • Theme: ACTION

Arcade has taken the X-Men hostage and you, as Spider-Man, must rescue them. In your attempt to do this, you are caught. Now Spider-Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Gambit must escape Arcade's playground. Grab your GG and don't let go of this action-packed side-scroller. After the first level, you get to choose from all five characters.

reggie posted a review

One of last year's hottest SNES adventure is finally available for the Genesis. Like its predecessor, Spider-Man and X-Men: Arcade's Revenge features awesome graphics, intense game play, and more superheroes and supervillains you can shake a controller at. Genesis owners are for a Marvel-ous treat!

Spidey for the Rescue

Four X-Men have mysteriously disappeared, and it's up to Spider-Man to find them. The side-scrolling trail leads to an abandoned amusement park -- the secret hideout of the bizarre supervillain, Arcade. This madman has transformed the park into a deadly fair of lethal rides and inescapable mazes. Unless you set them free, tonight's main attraction is the destruction of Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Gambit!

There are 12 tough, action packed levels in this one-player game. You begin play as Spider-Man, who must meticulously work through an intricate maze in order to enter Arcade's park. Once inside, you can choose to play as Spidey or any of the four X-Men. In addition to the treacherous enemies within each event, Marvel supervillains (Apocalypse, Carnage, Juggernaut, and more) lurk at the end of each stage. The only way to escape the park is for all five superheroes to survive their two events, and for Spider-Man to defeat a gigantic, robotic Arcade in the final showdown.

ProTip: Follow Webhead's spider-sense to turn off the security sensors. Memorize the sensors' patterns, because it's the same sequence every time you restart the game.

Each hero starts with four lives. Fortunately, there are plenty of 1 -ups, power-ups, and energy boosts scattered around. Unfortunately, there are no continues. Lose all your lives and it's back to the very beginning with Spidey and the security maze, which ups this game's challenge significantly.

Comic Appeal

Comic book fans will appreciate the attention to detail that this game's programmers paid to its graphics and sound. All characters look, fight, and move exactly as they do on the printed page. Spidey spins and swings on his webs, Wolverine slices with his admantium claws, Cyclops fires optic blasts, Storm casts lightning bolts, and Gambit shuffles his deadly deck of cards.

Each superhero is extremely responsive to the controls, and their superpowers are easy to activate. With his large repertoire of swinging and wall-climbing moves, Spidey may be the only hero whose moves require a little practice to master. As for the sound, each hero's distinctive rock soundtrack and the game's sharp sound effects add to the appeal.

  • Make your way quickly up shafts by alternating between climbing walls and bouncing back and forth between each side of the shaft.
  • Storm can add to her air supply by swimming through underwater bubbles.

"X" Marks the Spot

Although the X-Men already appear in their own game for the Genesis, you won't want to miss the mighty mutant action in this game. Gamers who've already experienced Spider- Man and X-Men: Arcade's Revenge for the SNES won't encounter anything new, though. If you're a Genesis owner and an action fan who hasn't yet experienced the 'Men, no X-cuses -- this is a must-play!

reggie posted a review

Face front, true believers! Marvel's two most popular comic books come to 16-bit life in LJN's Spider-Man and X-Men: Arcade's Revenge for the SNES. Featuring everyone's favorite Webhead and four members of the "Uncanny" X-Men, this game looks, plays, and sounds like a real-life comic book. Jam-packed with nonstop challenging action and loads of graphic and audio special effects, this game's a knockout!

Spidey to the Rescue

Four members of the X-Men have mysteriously disappeared, and it's up to Spider- Man to find them. Swinging across the city using his unique Spider-Sense to home in on the missing mutant heroes, Spidey has followed the trail all the way to an abandoned amusement park. The sinister villain, Arcade, has refitted the park with all-new deadly games and rides purely for his own warped enjoyment. The main attraction tonight is the final destruction of his arch foes, the X-Men, and their would-be rescuer, Spider-Man!

Eleven extremely challenging levels await you in this multi-scrolling, one- player, arcade-style game. You begin as Spider-Man. You try to worm your way into Arcade's underground hideout by turning off a network of sensors in a specific sequence. If you make it inside, you can choose to play one of five heroes: Spider-Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Gambit.

Each hero must complete two specific events tailored to test their specific strengths and weaknesses. The only way to escape Arcade's deadly realm is to complete all events for every hero. To make things more difficult, you begin play with only four lives total for all the heroes, and there are no continues! At least bonus lives, special items, and power-ups specific to each hero's abilities are scattered throughout each level. Top priority is finding those 1 -ups, or you'll soon be starting over from scratch. Who says superheroin' is easy?


  • Map the sequence to turn off the sensors. They never change. Since there are no continues, you must trudge through this ritual every time you restart the game.
  • Use your Spider-Sense to help locate the next sensor to turn off.

So Many Heroes, So Little Time

Comic fans will go nuts over this game. The heroes are large, clearly rendered, well animated, and extremely responsive to controls. The superheroes and the supervillains all look and move exactly like their four-color, newsprint counterparts. It's evident that the programmers and Marvel Comics worked closely together to assure that the characters are true to their origins. Since there's no time limit, familiarize yourself with each hero's unique powers and moves at the start of a level before the "fun" begins.

Cyclops fires powerful optic laser beams as he traverses a treacherous underground mine, complete with a roller coaster mine cart ride, electrified rails, and a five-story tall mutant-hunting robot called Master Mold.

Using her power over elemental forces, Storm is able to fire lightning bolts and whirl up underwater whirlwinds to keep enemies at bay. She's trapped in an underwater maze and must swim her way to safety while avoiding sea mines, underwater monsters, and enemy scuba divers.

  • Shoot enemies from the safety of a mine cart.
  • Storm escapes by blasting all the water release valves and floating up to an escape hatch. Always keep a supply of at least three air bubbles.

Gambit, the Cajun mutant, only has his natural agility and a deck of exploding playing cards. He goes up against a gigantic, rolling, steel-spiked ball, malicious, animated chess pieces, and the evil Black Queen, who seeks to suck out his life force!

  • Don't waste time or exploding cards on the unstoppable and indestructible exploding ball!
  • All-powerful Joker cards only destroy items in your immediate vicinity.

Wolverine, armed with razor-sharp Admantium claws, faces a bizarre world of vicious gun-toting circus clowns, evil toy soldiers, and exploding building blocks. Awaiting him at the end of his ordeal are the evil mutants, Apocalypse and Juggernaut, who have prepared a vicious one-two knockout!

Replenish your life bar by unsheathing your claws.

Spider-Man must run, jump, and swing his way through a massive "deconstruction" site. Aim your Web Shooters at a quartet of Spidey's greatest foes, including Shocker, N'Astirah, Rhino and Carnage.

Complete all levels for each hero, and then choose your favorite hero to face off against Arcade for the ultimate showdown!

  • Spidey can't shoot webs while jumping or swinging.

Make Mine Marvel!

A great gang of popular comic book heroes, excellent graphics, great game play, a nice mix of challenges, fully digitized sound effects, and a radical heavy- metal soundtrack make Spider-Man and X-Men: Arcade's Revenge a unique and entertaining video game experience. Just like the early issues of Spider-Man and X-Men comics, this game's going to be a collector's item. Get yours today!

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You can play as storm, cyclops, wolverine and spiderman

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Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge is the title of a video game. The single-player game features characters from Marvel Comics.

In the first level, you control Spider-Man who must use his spider sense to disarm on a several bombs located throughout an abanonded building. After you complete this level you learn that the evil Arcade has kidnapped Spider-Man, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Gambit. You must successfully complete each character's level (each set in Arcade's deadly funhouse) in order to get to control Spider-Man in a final battle with Arcade.

  • Spider-Man's Levels: New York City rooftops with the bosses being Shocker, Rhino, Carnage, and the flying demon N'astirh.
  • Storm's Levels: Underwater level with Storm having a limited air supply.
  • Wolverine's Levels: Circus level with the bosses being Juggernaut and Apocalypse.
  • Gambit's Levels: Two stages, both of which take place in a cave where a giant spiked ball is chasing you; the final boss is the Black Queen.
  • Cyclops' Levels: Two stages, both of which take place in a Sentinel factory, with the final boss being the Master Mold.
reggie posted a review

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