Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 9.8/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 8.2/10 - 9 votes
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July marks the first anniversary of the award-winning Street Fighter II release. For its publisher, Capcom, there's only one way to celebrate: SHOW 'EM WHO'S BOSS! Balrog laces on his bloodstained gloves. Vega sharpens his claw and hides his "gorgeous" face behind a mask. Sagat stretches out his lengthy limbs. M. Bison dons his cape, and Capcom finally unveils Street Fighter II Turbo for the Super NES!

Overall, Turbo satisfies an SFII fan's "wish list" with awesome new features, such as the ability to play as the bosses, adjustable speed settings, enhanced sound, and almost all the moves found in the arcade game. You can even choose to play Turbo or Champion Edition!

Save Your Tokens

SF II Turbo brings home a near-perfect version of the coin-gobbler, Turbo Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Hyper Fighting. Like the original Street Fighter II, Turbo is a head-to-head fighting game for one or two players. You can battle in a single-elimination tournament against the computer, or you can take on a friend.

The most noticeable improvement over the standard SFII is your ability to play as any of the 12 martial artists, including the bosses. (In the original, you could only choose among the eight main fighters.) Additionally, you can now play a character against himself or herself without having to enter a secret code. The two-player Versus mode is unchanged.

A Street Fighter II-in-1?

Since it includes the option to swap between Champion Edition mode and Turbo mode, SF II Turbo maybe billed as "two-games-in-one." It's not. The differences between the two versions are minimal, so think of this feature as a "switch" that can be turned on or off to suit your tastes. Some people like CE mode because Turbo has too many moves, while others prefer Turbo because it tends to be faster and more challenging. Both versions feature the same tight, precise controls found on the original SF II. You can even use classic SF II joysticks, such as the Capcom Fighter Power Stick.

Pick a Fight, Any Fight

Whether you choose to play Champion Edition or Turbo, the graphics and sounds are the same. The only differences are the number of moves per character and their clothing colors.

Champion Edition mode is an excellent rendition of the coin-op classic. Each character gets one to two new or improved moves, such as Chun Li's Chest Flip Kick, Guile's double-hit Flash Kick, and Sagat's Throw. Since CE mode is based on Japan's Champion Edition arcade machine, there are a few extra surprises. Balrog can wipe out half of an opponent's lifeline with the Final Punch, a move that didn't appear until the Turbo arcade machine was released in the U.S.

CE mode only comes up short when it comes to Re-Dizzy Combos, which are combination attacks that daze opponents twice in a row. In the arcade Champion Edition, M. Bison and Balrog had Re-Dizzy Combos up their sleeves, but they've been left on the cutting room floor for this version. Turbo mode shadows its coin-op counterpart by offering one new move for the eight weakest characters. For example, Chun Li gets a Fireball, Dhalsim can Disappear, and E. Honda has a Super Sumo Press. Turbo mode also emulates the arcade game with five selectable speed settings. At top speed, it's a tad faster than the Turbo coin-op and no slowdown!

ProTip: Complicated moves, such as Sagat's Tiger Uppercut, are easier to execute with Turbo mode's faster speed settings.

Fight to the Top

In either mode, the one-player tournament is more fun and more challenging than ever. You can now fight against all 12 opponents, including a clone of your own character. The barrel-breaking bonus stage rejoins the car and wall bonus stages, but the drums stage is still on hiatus. You even get the endings from the arcade game.

While the computer opponent's artificial intelligence has increased, it's still no genius. The CPU now uses more "cheap" attacks to frustrate you. It will even throw a few multi-hit combinations, but you can exploit holes in the Al with counterattack patterns. You still pick from eight levels of challenge, and M. Bison's a real muther fud-drucker on Level 8!

While the CPU is now smart enough to try "cheap combos," such as Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver combination... it's still too gullible to avoid well-crafted traps. As Ryu or Ken, throw a Jab Dragon Punch to sucker Guile into using his Flash Kick, then nail him with a Fierce Dragon.

Graphics: A Touch-up Job

Street Fighter M's already awesome visuals get a minor cosmetic facelift in the Turbo edition, but remain essentially the same as the regular SNES versions. All the backgrounds are now recolored to match the arcade game's scenery. For example, the sunset behind Ryu's dojo has darkened to nightfall.

A handful of minor moves and animation frames that were missing from the last SNES version have been replaced, such as E. Honda's Knee Bash and Zangiefs Boston Crab. Most characters get new facial portraits, too. Some details from the arcade versions are still missing, though, such as the extra elephants in India. The sprites are also still a tad smaller than the arcade games.

Hearing Double

SF II Turbo sounds like a winner. Sound effects and voices dropped from its predecessor have been replaced, such as the announcer's "You win" and "Perfect." The audio is now in true stereo, which means you can hear Ryu shout "Ha-do-ken" and Ken scream "Sho-ryu-ken" from separate speakers -- at the same time! Crowd noise, a new effect not found in the coin-op, has been added, but it's nothing to shout about.

Worth the Price of Admission?

Despite minor quibbles with the Al of the computer, the repetitive crowd-noise effect, and the removal of Re-Dizzy Combos from CE mode, SF II Turbo is worth every penny for its boss and speed features alone. At 20 megs, expect street prices to top S80, but this game is a must-have masterpiece!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Here is an interesting challenge. Choose the VS. mode in either the Turbo or Normal game. Have players 1 and 2 pick their characters. At the Handicap and Stage Select screen, take controller 2 and press these buttons in this order: DOWN, R button, UP, L button, Y, B. You will hear some musical tones that indicate the trick worked.

The screen will scroll to the left, revealing a menu for the two characters you chose. This menu consists of special moves which you can choose to leave on or turn off. For example: Vega's rolling claw can be turned off. This will make it fair for the less experienced player to go against the more experienced player, and it's a challenge for all players by limiting their moves.

In Street Fighter II Turbo, slow doesn't go. Because extensive training has not only made the 8 fighters and 4 grand masters faster and stronger. Its given them a whole new arsenal of kicks, punches and special moves. Get revved for 78 possible matches, where if you're not fast, you'll never know what hit you.

  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Fighting
  • No. of Levels: 12

World Warrior Superbouts!

After last year's phenomenal record-setting sales, you can't help but wonder how Capcom could possibly outdo themselves by coming out with a better game than Street Fighter 2.

They didn't just go for the Champion Edition, they went all out with the Turbo Edition that has a speed-adjust setting and also a Normal mode which is really the Champion Edition. So what you're getting is really two awesome fighting games in one!

Not only is the speed updated but the moves and all the characters are pumped up as well. The graphics are the most colorful of any video game with much better music and sound. All the arcade animations have been fully restored including the missing barrel bonus round.

Get set for the hottest update to date with the year's top fighting game!

One good Street Fighter II deserves three more! Cap- com's finally ready to triple your Street Fightin' pleasure with new-and-improved versions of 1992's 16-bit game of the year.

It's Official!

Capcom came out of the beat- em-up closet on April 23, 1993 and spoke the magic words the whole continent's been waiting to hear: STREET FIGHTER II TURBO FOR THE SUPER NES! Gird up those karate costumes, boys and girls, 'cause the U.S. is gonna be rockin', rollin', and fightin' once again come September. The new version has more moves, faster action, and hotter looks.

Who's the Boss Now?

SF II Turbo offers the Street Fightin' feature that has caused stacks of mail to flood our offices, each letter pleading with Capcom for the same thing-the ability to play as the four boss characters! In addition to the original eight World Warriors, you can now assume the identity of U.S. heavyweight boxer Balrog, Spanish bullfighter Vega, Thai kickboxer Sagat, or the mysterious dictator M. Bison -- and no cheesy Game Genie codes are necessary!

Turbo Makes Its Moves

This game is hot from the arcades! It's based directly on Turbo SF II: Champion Edition Hyper Fighting, and Capcom plans a near-identical conversion. If the company's actions match its words, all the characters will get new moves. Chun Li should throw Fireballs and bewilder opponents with a Chest Flip Kick. Blanka will get vertical with his new Rolling Attack. Zangief will use a faster Spinning Clothesline. Vega will roll from one end of the screen to the other with his wicked claw extended. After Charging energy for 60 seconds, Balrog should be able to unleash the deadliest move in the game -- a Turn Punch which cuts off half of the opponent's lifeline!

Other new attacks to watch for include Ryu and Ken's airborne Hurricane Kick, Guile's Knee Thrust and double-hit Flash Kick, E. Honda's moving Hundred Hand Slap and vertical Head Butt, and Dhalsim's faster Yoga Spear/Torpedo and infamous disappearing act.

Feel the Need for Speed

Plans call for the SNES version to offer two speed settings: a slower Champion Edition speed, and the 15 percent faster Turbo speed. Players can choose between the two settings! No word yet on whether the game can handle the Turbo speed without slowdown.

New Digs, New Outfits

Capcom is quick to state that SNES Turbo is still on the drawing boards, but from the looks of these screens it's a safe bet that the game will get the full recolored look of the coin-op. Notice that Ryu's dojo rooftop level is now dark blue, the sun has set on Guile's air force base level, Zangief's industrial factory has a golden hue, and Ken's dock has deep purple tones. The characters should also don new Turbo-colored uniforms. (See Ryu in his new light-blue garb.)

If there is a game to outdo Street Fighter II, it is definitely the awesome Street Fighter II Turbo Edition! Packed with all the new moves of the smash arcade hit, this new cart will prove to be more than enough challenge for even the most seasoned SF2 player. From Dhalsim's disappearing act to Chun Li's new fireball there is a new slate of strategies involved. This time around the presentation speed is more than twice as fast. For those moderate players, there is an option of playing a normal mode or the Turbo mode with four progressive speeds. Also included in this version is the Champion Edition.

People say:


This is the best fighter for the Super NES to date! This cart is absolutely unreal -this is the home fighting game to be reckoned with for the 16-Bit system! Tons of options, super speed, ability to play as bosses, and absolutely killer stereo sound effects make this the rarest of things: the perfect fighting game! Great one Capcom!


Reserve it, wait for it, then keep your eyes on it because this may be the hottest home game ever released! This cart is a vast improvement over the original, sporting improved graphics, animation and killer stereo sounds. A few minor details and the stacked barrel bonus are still missing. The closest to perfect I've seen.


I didn't think the first Street Fighter II could be topped but what a surprise this one is! The first improvement is the incredible speed and new attacks that can be accomplished. Don't think that the combos for the old one will work because the computer isn't stupid anymore. The best fighting game just got better.


For those of you who wonder why you should have another Street Fighter II game, let me tell you, this is no ordinary cart! With all the missing animations back in place, new sounds, two games in one, and adjustable speed settings, SF2 wipes the floor with the competition! It's faster than the arcade! Shoryuken!!!

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