Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

Download Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition and experience the classic fighting game that started it all! Master iconic moves, battle memorable foes, and rekindle your love for the ultimate fighting series. Get ready to fight – play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 25 votes
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Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

The heatsonthe streets, and this time the system that's caught the Street Fighter fever is the Sega Genesis! Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition is a razor-sharp translation of the arcade Turbo Hyper Fighting, with only a few hiccups here and there. You get a Champion Edition Mode, a Turbo Mode, and an all-new, never- before-played Tournament Mode called Group Battle!

From Coin-Op to Genesis

Special's got it all, from playable bosses to new background colors to Turbo speed. It even features the opening cinematic sequence that was left on the cutting room floor of the other home versions!

So why this game is called "Special" Champion Edition? Word on the streets is that Capcom has an exclusive arrangement with Nintendo and is not allowed to release a game called "Street Fighter II Turbo" on any other system. So, the company was forced to rename the Genesis version.

A Complete Fighter

The 12 World Warriors, including the bosses, are at their prime in this game. You get almost every single Champion and Turbo move found in the arcades, from Flipping Neck Breakers to double-hit Flash Kicks to Yoga Teleports. However, don't expect to find any of the classic Champion Edition Re-Dizzy combos. M. Bison has been toned down, and his Scissor Kick now has a combo-killing pause.

The action's as fast and furious as ever. In fact, Special's so speedy that it has 10 selectable speed settings built into the game, whereas the SNES Turbo's highest speeds are only accessible by using a secret code. Even with all this speed, fighters won't experience unnecessary slowdown anywhere! Remember, though, your reactions will have to keep pace with the speed setting -- the higher the speed, the quicker the reactions.

In Fighting Color

With the Genesis' hardware limitations (64 colors onscreen at once, as opposed to the SNES's 256 colors), it's impossible to compare the Genesis CE to the coin-op or the SNES versions. Don't be surprised to see loss in the color shading. The visuals have a somewhat grainy look to them and aren't as sharp as the SNES pix, but they blow away other Sega street fighters. Overall, SCE puts on a better show of graphics than you'd expect from any Genesis game.


Working with the same hardware limitations as the graphics, the Genesis' sounds won't be as strong as those found on the SNES or the coin-op. SCE's worst failing is its garbled voices. If you stuck the actors voices underwater and ordered them to scream out the Street Fighter lines through a string-and-cups kiddie phone, they'd sound better than they do on the Genesis. The voices are so bad that many of the classic arcade misinterpretations actually sound correct! (Some people used to think Ryu and Ken's "Shoryuken" was actually pronounced "All You Ken" -- now it really sounds like that!)

While the voices knock the overall sound effects down a notch, the rest of the audio is good by Genesis standards. The music comes off decently, and there's so much variety that you won't mind its grainy quality unless you're used to the awesome SNES sounds.

Hyper Fighting Forever

Without a question, doubt, or hesitation, the Super NES version beats out the Genesis edition by virtue of better graphics and sounds. If you don't own an SNES, though, Special Champion is the top-ranked Genesis fighter in town.

Download Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.

Game Reviews

It has been two years, and the 12 World Warriors have gone back to training for the next challenge - Street Fighter II: Champion Edition!

Now you can control the boss characters as well in their quest for world domination. Every character has been enhanced with new exciting changes that turn the tables on previously "unbeatable" characters. As you can see from the chart below, the stats have changed, and now Ken is the most powerful character in the game. Even Ryu beats out Guile in overall ratings. Even so, gamers can play any character versus him/herself, so there is no excuse for losing!

Some new moves/changes are: Ken's deadly fierce dragon punch not only has a wide range, but it also allows him to do a fearsome triple dragon punch more deadly than Zangief's Screwdriver - ouch! His light-speed hurricane kick is a valuable weapon now, and if a character is caught off-guard, look out! Ryu's fire-ball is faster than Sagat's, and his hurricane knocks any player off their feet in one hit! Chun Li has new close-in kicks that can surprise newcomers. Her wind kick is a powerful weapon, too. Blanka is a formidable foe thanks to his speedy shock attack and increased stamina when hit in a ball attack. Guile has a worthless knee attack and a cool double jackknife kick. He still recovers quickly after Sonic Booms. M.Bison does damage with his torpedo and flip kick even if blocked, and Vega can perform await climb anywhere. Sagat wields the deadly (up close) Tiger Knee and a thmow. Balrog can headbutt and throw power hits all day. Zangief and E.Honda can move with their power punches (Spin Punch & 100 Hands) but otherwise, no improvements. Dhalsim, sad to say, is not very different other than the speed of his torpedo moves, and the power of this head-butt. Luckily, each character has a weak point for at least one World Warrior to exploit. The table stats will most likely change over the next year, but so far, Ken is taking the lead after a quick sprint from Vega, Blanks, Chun-Li and M.Bison.

All characters were redrawn with subtle differences, except for Dhalsim, Guile, Ken, and Ryu. They have been given additional muscles, smirks, and gyrations for realism. The backgrounds sport different colors, too. All in all, Street Fighter II is the game of the year.

Street Fighter 2 is still ready to rumble! Well, the Genesis owners, who were really peeved that SF2 TCE came out for the Super NES, won't have to grunt and groan any more! The CE Genesis version has been boosted to 24-Meg and has all the graphics and options that the Super NES version has - and more! Now there's a group battle option where you can play team vs. team of up to five characters. The music has been reworked so that it sounds great, but the voice does leave a lot to be desired. It is still unknown whether it will be fixed. If it is, it may beat out the Super NES version!

EVERY single detail from the Super NES version is here. Even the tricks from TCE are here as regular options, like the 10 speeds. The black bar from the first Genesis version has been worked out and the characters enlarged. This is bound to be one of the best games yet!

To get 5 stars in the Champion Mode of the game, do this trick. When the cinema of the fighters begins, and it scrolls up the building, wait until the screen fades and only the Street Fighter II words are showing. If you have a six-button controller, quickly press the buttons in this way: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B, C. If you have a three-button controller, quickly do it this way: DOWN, C, UP, A, A, B, B, C. You'll hear Zangief's voice if you did it right. On the Title Screen, go to "Champion" and move RIGHT on the pad for 5 stars!

AIright, Genesis fans, you've envied SNES owners long enough. You've endured while they danced around waving their copies of Street Fighter II in your face and taunted you with their exploits of Guile, Chun Li, and the rest of the World Warriors.

Those days are gone, folks. Genesis owners are gonna be lining up at the store supporting Sega and Capcorn's decision to join forces and bring you Street Fighter II: The Champion Edition for the Genesis. You'll experience full-contact, player-against-player action, while playing as any of the four bosses (without using joypad tricks or Genie codes) or the other eight World Warriors. This edition features moves exclusive to the CE, and you'll only see them on the Genesis (and later on TTI's Duo). For now, there are no plans to make a Champion Edition for the SNES.

Brawl, My Children

The graphics in this translation of the arcade classic are stupendous. Each character has the full range of thrilling throws and killing blows that made them World Warriors. Although you may notice a little slowdown in the throws and some slightly un-spritely behavior, like a little flicker now and then, you won't be distracted from the game. No complaining, though, 'cause you get to play all 12 characters, and the backgrounds look good and are almost as colorful as the Champion Edition's in the arcades.

It's too early to form an opinion on the sound, though. With only an 85% finished game, our guess is that the sounds will not be up to par with those of the SNES.

Regarding the limitations of the standard Sega three-button controller, don't be a World Worryer. Sega's got a six-button controller in the works that'll handle all the moves as well as any SNES controller, but you'll also be able to execute all the moves with the regular three-button controller.

SNES owners have never seen some of the moves that'll be available on the Genesis version, and the game play and controls are suprisingly smooth and faithful to the original coin-op. Moves, like Chun Li's Backflip Kick and Guile's two-hit Flash Kick, are taken directly from the arcade game and are exclusive to the Champion Edition. Besides those, you'll be able to do Bison's Scissor Kick, Sagat's Tiger Kick, Balrog's Turn Punch, and Vega's Wall Climb. Do you hear gurgling noises? It's the sound of rushing water caused by the flowing tears of every SNES owner!

Street Fighter II for the Genesis, and the Champion Edition to boot? Capcom soars and Sega scores with this double-hit combo for Street Fighting fans everywhere.

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