X-Men Children Of The Atom

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: Playstation, Saturn
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Many hard-core gamers out there in video-game lollipop land had a low opinion of Capcom's arcade fighter X-Men: Children of The Atom, but I'm one reviewer who thought it was the bee's knees.Your reaction to the arcade version will determine how much you like the Saturn adaptation because it's virtually identical to its arcade pappy.

An assortment of X-Men and a handful of their enemies are at your beck and call. Yes, the action it quite similar to the Street Fighter series, but the animation is really great, the moves are spectacular, the backgrounds are interesting, and hey, it's the X-Men, man.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Fighting games really need to have some kind of hook if they're going to stand out. Now Capcom, which is very good at making fighting games, has always come up with some way to make its one-on-one fighters stand out from the crowd.

With Street Fighter, it was the overall concept; with Darkstalkers, it was the cool characters, and with X-Men, it was a combination of both. Now that the Saturn version of X-Men is finally available, we get the chance to see how well this style of game works on the Saturn. No 3-D, no fancy effects, just sprite-based fighting and thumping action. OK, so your mother won't approve, but Professor Xavier will. Now, the violence in the game is tempered by the car-toony nature of the graphics, with every single character being very close to his or her comic-book counterpart. All your favorite X-Men, good guys and bad guys alike, are in the game. There are a couple of exceptions that fans of the comics and cartoons may find odd, but the fighting crew is well balanced and pretty comprehensive. Each character bears more than a passing resemblance to one of the guys from Street Fighter. Wolverine, for example, plays like a cross between Guile and Ryu.

Although this might sound lame, the sense of familiarity is welcome.The controls are not the only thing "borrowed" from the Street Fighter series of games. Combos, combo breakers and juggling are all present and correct.The sound effects and music are virtually identical to the arcade game and add to the game's atmosphere.

The graphics use a style that falls somewhere between Street Fighter Alpha and the X-Men comic books, but Saturn owners may find the flatness dull after 3-D spectaculars like Virtua Fighter 2. Don't let the olde-worlde graphics put you off though; this looks like being one of the slickest, most addictive fighting games available and should keep you playing (especially in two-player mode) for months to come. Oh, and word has it that a couple of features are present in the Saturn version that aren't even in the coin-op.

Once again Capcom churns out another fighting game. However, this time it's not Ryu or Ken but popular characters from the X-Men comic books!

The popular coin-op is headed in your direction--that is, if you plan on getting a PlayStation or Sega Saturn. Large graphics, large stages and even larger fights made this game a popular coin-muncher at the local arcade. Those same attributes should be translated faithfully to the home versions with the exception, of course, of the coin-munching.

As with all other Capcom fighting games, you can expect superior graphics and catchy, yet loose, game play. One new aspect Capcom added includes a larger arena, allowing players to battle high up. Players can now block in the air as well. These features add another dimension to the already intense game play. New combos and techniques await those who try to find them.

Several major Marvel characters decorate the Character Select Screen, including the popular Magneto and a special Sentinel unlike any seen in the comic books! Game play should be similar to its arcade counterpart, using a refurbished version of a decaying Street Fighter engine. Special moves are large and abundant, identical to those exhibited in the arcades.

Don't misunderstand; the game is great, and the super moves are excellent. If you're a fan of the popular X-Men comics productions or a fan of good fighting games with large, in-your-face graphics, this game should prove to be on top of your want list. X-Men: Children of the Atom looks like a winner.

People say:


As if I needed any further proof that Capcom's 2-D fighters are not well-suited for the PlayStation, along comes X-Men: Children of the Atom to further solidify my theories. First, the standard PS pad takes about half the fun of X-Men away from me. The lack of a six-button configuration on the PS pad is not as annoying as the D-pad itself: It's harder than it should be to perform fireball motions. Considering how popular Capcom's six-button configured fighters are today, it's amazing that there aren't more Saturn-style, six-button pads for the PS, but if you can find one, I recommend it. But I digress, the control issue is just the prelude to my main gripe: animation. Although X-Men: CotA does control welt, much of the animation frames seen in the arcade game are nowhere to be found. This gives the game a jerky look and feel that is awkward at times and downright annoying at others (at least, it is to anal Capcom fighting game fans such as myself). I know I'm not supposed to mention the "S" word in this review but in truth, it's hard to get excited over an ancient game like X-Men for the PS when the aged Saturn version is so much better. For PS owners X-Men is OK, but if you're a Capcom fan, dual system ownership never looked so appealing. Besides, X-Men Vs. SF EX Edition is almost here.


This is a bit late, don't you think? After all, we have Marvel Super Heroes, a game that is leagues better than the archaic CotA. To make matters worse, this is not a good port. The game has a lot of slowdown and choppy animation, especially for having such small characters (the backgrounds are excellent, however). This is a commendable effort, but Acclaim shouldn't have bothered. This is just a sub-par port of a very old game.


After such a long time coming, it's na.su reprise that Pro not horribly impressed. The sad thing is that with all the delays, you'd think you'd get an arcade-perfect translation. Not exactly. The animation is haphazard, and even the sound isn't all that hot. The pure size of the game must've been too much for the game's programmers. It's hard to describe, but the game feels "compressed." Too bad quality wasn't a top priority.


Surprise! After months of delays, look what finally showed up on our doorstep. Well, much to my dismay, I wish I never opened the door. Probe managed to finish the work Capcom started, but the final product isn't even up to the standards of the PS DarkStalkers, let alone the recently released (and very nice) MSH. Tons of slowdown, no Survival or Group Battle Modes and...tons more slowdown. Save your pennies and wait for X-Men Vs. SF EX.

Finally, a 3D fighting game starring the X-Men. Over 12 of your favorite heroes are at your disposal, each with different styles of fighting and multiple finishing moves. You can adjust the speed of the game and compete in interactive environments in two-player, tournament, or single-player story mode. Unique to X-Men is the tracking system that rates, assigns points, and produces a summary of your fights. Now your cheap hits will actually be graded! You can bet if Activsion makes the right moves, X-Men will X-plode as a strong contender in the fighting-game ring.

With X-Men: Children of the Atom, Capcom covers head-to-head fighting from all angles for the Saturn and PlayStation. Ten comic-book stars rumble in Children of the Atom, including four X-Men and as many of their foes. Look for your favorites among this fierce cast: Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Storm, Ice Man, Colossus, Omega Red, Spiral, Silver Samurai, and Sentinel.

Animation based on the comic and animated television series ties this arcade port to its roots, as do the digitized voiceovers by actors from the TV cartoon. The two-player action includes such standard fighting-game features as special moves. Options like autoblocking even up the fighting field for players of different levels.

X-Men: Children of the Atom sets the fighting-game stage with ten comic-book stars, including four X-Men (Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, and Storm) and their foes (Omega Red, Spiral, Silver Samurai, Sentinel, Ice Man, and Colossus).

This arcade port borrows liberally from its comic book and animated television series brethren. As well as featuring animation based on both sources, X-Men includes digitized voiceovers by actors from the animated series. The two-player action offers standard features and special moves. Autoblocking and other features make X-Men an equal-opportunity fighting game for players of vaiying abilities.

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