3d Lemmings

a game by Clockwork Tortoise, Inc.
Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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3d Lemmings
3d Lemmings
3d Lemmings
3d Lemmings

Your favorite, mindless green-haired characters are back to wreak havoc on your PlayStation.

Lemmings 3D is packed with the same challenging mazes seen in earlier versions. but they added a twist to the previous sidescrolling title--3-D. In addition. you can also select to control a single Lemming using the new feature VR Lemming or command all of them from a third-person point of view. Third-person is the easier of the two to use. but it still requires practice to become proficient. L3D's most important feature is a free-floating view allowing you to move your cameras anywhere you want. The cameras are the heart of the game, and you must understand them to take full advantage of the 3-D experience. Don't give up without a fight! Lemmings 3D requires at least a few hours to become familiar with the view control and selection options. Only with constant practice will you be able to get anywhere in this puzzle game extraordinaire. L3D contains a shocking 100 levels of daunting mazes that are broken down into four separate difficulty levels. Highly unusual cinemas featuring Lemmings in some very weird circumstances await your completion of every 25th level.

A new Lemming talent, "turning" is available to navigate your Lems into the Z plane. After selecting which Lemming to turn, you must choose a direction 90 degrees from the last position of the walkers. This new skill is used more than all others in L3D to complete the missions. This is the most important skill, for without it this game would be no different than any of the previous ones,

All the old familiar skills have also been brought into L3D. Watching the bashers and miners dig their way through obstacles is very impressive in 3-D. You can also walk along with climbers as they explore towers and hover back to Earth as a floater holding your multicolored umbrella.

A practice session is available for you to learn the Lemming talents and work with view control. They are kind of slow but worth every bit of effort. After graduating from the practice session, you advance to the standard stages that make the practice sessions look like child's play. Wandering through giant cargo ships, airplanes, high-tech futuristic bases, Egyptian pyramids, arctic wastelands and desktops outfitted with computers all await your arrival. Every stage encountered will engage your mind even deeper than the previous ones. The use of memory cards and passwords is a welcome addition to L3D. This allows you to attempt tougher levels at a later time. Watch out for the maze levels where you must find your way through an enclosed area where only Lemmings can go. Choosing the right path in these mazes is almost impossible.

Inexperienced players who may have enjoyed a few stages of earlier titles should cover their ears and run. L3D's childish-looking exterior hides a beast of a game that is just waiting to test your abilities to their fullest. Only players with exceptional talents and an unearthly drive to succeed should even attempt L3D. Clearly, this game has pushed the original concept to a level no one would have expected it to reach.


L3D has added an unusual feature called VR Lemming. VR allows you to take first-person control over any of the masses. From here you guide your comrades through the maze getting into places where your camera will not go. VR allows you to place yourself in all the horrible circumstances you put those poor Lemmings through in earlier versions. Traps, falls, drownings and mass nuk-ings have never been more fun!

  • PUBLISHER - Clockwork Games
  • THEME - Puzzle

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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