Atomic Heart

Download Atomic Heart and enter a bizarre, alternate reality filled with danger and mystery! Uncover the truth behind a twisted world, engage in brutal combat, and face unimaginable horrors in this first-person action game. Can you survive the nightmare? Play now!
a game by Mundfish
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart

It can be hard for an FPS to stand out these days, but I am loving what Atomic Heart is offering. The Soviet setting, the gore, the strategy, and the whole game, in general, is just so very appealing to me. While I have said this is a first-person shooter, I would say that this is more of an action-RPG than it is a pure shooter and just from looking at the first trailer, you can tell this game is going to be one hell of a wild and crazy adventure.

The Robotic USSR!

I do not want to go into great detail about the plot of Atomic Heart as I think that is going to be one of the strongest points of the game. However, just looking at the basics, you can tell it is an exciting story that is going to have many twists and turns. The game is set in an alternate reality where the USSR has some shady things going on with advanced AI and robotics.

The whole world is on the brink and could face destruction and that is where you come in. I love the Soviet Union/sci-fi setting of the game and think that there are some very cool ideas here. I get a kind of Fallout and BioShock vibe from the way that the story unfolds.

Explore, Create and Destroy

The gameplay as well as the story in Atomic Heart has a kind of Fallout and Bioshock thing going on. There is a great emphasis on exploration here with many areas to check out. I love the different soviet bases that you will be checking out and finding out just what the heck people have been up to. I like the idea that you will want to take your time and explore every nook and cranny to see what is happening, but at the same time, there are these monstrous creatures that will try and stop you.

As well as exploration, gunfights are going to be aplenty. The gunplay looks great and there are some very interesting weapons that you can get. Crafting and modifying weapons is a big part of it too which sounds like a lot of fun.

A Can Of Soviet Cleaning Polish!

I love the presentation of the game, I thought this was going to be rather low-budget, but what a fool I was. Atomic Heart looks great, the different areas in the game will make you want to fully explore them as they look so real and detailed. The enemies in the game are very gruesome and will have you jumping out of your skin when they sneak up on you.


If you like first-person action RPGs then I have no doubt you are going to have one heck of an awesome time with Atomic Heart. The whole game looks incredible and I love that there is a real emphasis on exploration here. I have mentioned these games a few times before, but I do think that Bioshock and Fallout are probably the best comparisons for what is on offer here.


  • I love the alternate USSR setting
  • Plenty of guns to use, create and modify
  • The visuals are very impressive
  • I love the idea of exploring this place


  • While I think the story sounds great, I am not sure how deep it will be
  • Will scavenging for resources get old?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Atomic Heart, developed by Mundfish, is a first-person action role-playing game set in an alternate reality Soviet Union that is highly advanced technologically. The game immerses the player in a world full of mysteries and conspiracies, where they must fight robots and mutants while exploring a dystopian world. The game's unique setting and storyline have caught the attention of many gamers worldwide.

A whole journey

If Atomic Heart stands out for anything, it is, as we said a few lines ago, for the setting that Mundfish has created, a Soviet Union a priori idealized, very advanced technologically and in which the population and leaders are committed to become one with the idea of improving the world although, what they do not know, is that there are people drunk with power who have dark plans behind all this and that their robots are about to reveal themselves and cause a tragedy never seen before by humanity.

The plot in question has its ups and downs throughout the game and, more than the story itself (which has some flaws at the narrative level and offers us a 40-minute introduction with hardly any gameplay, too much), what we liked is the fantastic world that has been created and that is a great base for upcoming titles in which we believe that the Cypriot studio can shine much more than in Atomic Heart.

More than just a shooter

Now that we know that mudfish managed to build an amazing world and storyline, there's one thing they didn’t get around to making as clear and precise, and that’s just what is actually the game here. Even though the plot is finely crafted, and the game world has been built with a lot of care, the gameplay itself feels as if it is still in development.

With a good base at the studio level that still does not quite know which path to take to finish forming and, in the case of this atomic heart, it gives us the impression that its creators have not known whether to make a Wolfenstein-style shooter, a shooter with narrative touches in the style of BioShock (probably the clearest reference) and even plays to be a kind of Resident Evil for its touches of survival, resource management and structure in the initial section, all accompanied by an open world transition that we will talk about later.

Review: 7/10

Atomic Heart is a game that manages to captivate players with its unique setting and storyline set in an alternate reality Soviet Union. The game world is carefully crafted, immersing players in a dystopian world full of mysteries and conspiracies. Despite some flaws in the narrative and an overlong introduction.

However, where the game falls short is in its gameplay. While the plot is well-crafted, the game itself feels like it's still in development. The gameplay mechanics are not entirely clear, leaving players uncertain about whether they're playing a Wolfenstein-style shooter, a Bioshock-inspired game with narrative touches, or a survival-horror game like Resident Evil. The open-world transition can also feel jarring at times.


Overall, Atomic Heart is an ambitious game that shows a lot of potential. While the gameplay may not be as polished as it could be, it's still a game that fans of the genre should check out.


  • Unique and well-crafted game world
  • Interesting storyline with a lot of mysteries and conspiracies
  • Potential for future titles in the series


  • Gameplay mechanics not entirely clear
  • Overlong introduction
  • Jarring open-world transition at times

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