Desperate Housewives: The Game

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a game by Liquid Entertainment, LLC
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Desperate Housewives: The Game
Desperate Housewives: The Game
Desperate Housewives: The Game

It's A Beautiful day on Wisteria Lane. After getting up, I pop outside to collect the mail and promptly seduce the mailman before taking him upstairs to 'collect his special delivery'. I then head to the shopping mall in my underwear, slap my husband's female assistant around a bit, bribe my son, break into my neighbour's house, steal anything lying about to sell in the pawn shop and round the day off by sleeping with the gardener.

That's pretty much a normal day in the life of Desperate Housewives, a Sims-style game inspired by the massively popular TV series. You play the role of a new neighbour, complete with as-yet-unidentified shady past and a husband, son and gorgeous house to match. Each day is broken down into separate tasks and although none of it's exactly taxing stuff, consisting mostly of go here and talk to so-and-so, the game does feature plenty of the trademark outrageous stories that make the TV series such a success.

While these stories, the good character likenesses, excellent Danny Elfman score and glee that you'll feel the first time you royally screw a neighbour over will at first draw you in, the shallowness of the gameplay quickly starts to show through the cracks.

Rubbish gardening/cooking minigames, a lack of official voiceovers, the occasional stutter in play and the fact that your slutty actions have little impact on the overall game means that while this will appeal to fans of the TV series and perhaps the odd Sims dabbler, anyone else is likely to love it on the first day but then dump it on the second. Just like the mailman...

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