Dynamite Cop

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a game by Sega
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Dreamcast
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 6 votes
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Dynamite Cop
Dynamite Cop
Dynamite Cop

Before the big one-on-one fighting game craze, the most popular type of brawler was the walk-and-bash style of action games. Classics like Final Fight and Street of Rage ruled until people figured out there wasn't much to that genre in terms of variety and strategy.

Enter Dynamite Cop which is a follow-up to Die Hard Arcade. In Cop, you and a friend can pick between three characters who each have his/her own specialty, although the differences between them are more on the cosmetic side. Once again you have to rescue the president's daughter who has been kidnapped and taken hostage, this time on a luxury liner. At the start, you have a choice of three different missions which vary in length, route, difficulty and available continues. The easiest gives you unlimited continues and has you infiltrating the ship by parachute while the toughest has you scuba diving into a compartment in the hull of the ship.

The main attraction of the game is the vast amount of weapons and items you can pick up and use against the enemies. Guns, pipes, arcade machines, mannequins, fish...you name it, you can probably knock someone over the head with it.

Each character has his/her own set of punch and kick combinations as well as pseudo-super moves which require multiple button presses and the traditional clear-out maneuver that takes away some of your health.

The arcade version wasn't very long so all types of extras are packed into the Dreamcast port. Greatly enhanced graphics are the most obvious and like the home conversion of Die Hard Arcade, there is a retro-style game that can be played to gather extra continues. There is also an illustration collection which has pictures you must either unlock by beating the game or finding them within the game. Your VMU will beep whenever you are standing on top of a hidden item so make sure you get one.

If this style of gaming isn't your cup of tea, there probably isn't enough here to convince you otherwise. Fans of ass kicking though should look forward to some intense action.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Dynamite Cop (Dynamite Denka 2 in the arcades) is on its way to the Dreamcast, and the version we saw at the show looked very cool. In Dynamite, which follows the original closely (released for the Saturn as Die Hard Arcade), you and a buddy team up and pound heads as a team or individually. Anything you find in the levels can be used as weapons, including sides of beef, vacuum cleaners, and tuna fish. Lots of fun.

People say:


You've got to switch into a different frame of mind when you play a game like Dynamite Cop. You have to forget about the last five years of game development, and remember the time when Final Fight and Streets of Rage ruled the roost. On face value it has to be said that it's spectacularly dull, far too easy and remarkably short. It's not particularly rewarding if you play it really hard, and if you complete all of the objectives, the secrets that open up are hardly worth the considerable effort involved. Sure, there are multiple characters and three variations on the missions (until you open up the extra mode) but they're all far too similar. Prolonged play results in extreme frustration as you learn that this is only as much fun as you are prepared to get out of it. You start making your own objectives like 'I'm going to clear this stage just with my fists' or 'I'm going to see how long I can keep my character in just his briefs' (health is indicated by state of dress btw)--but this only satisfies for a while. Soon, you start to notice the idiosyncrasies of the graphics and questioning the most bizarre things. Why do all the characters have enormous noses? Why is the script so bad? Why is the president's daughter so fugly? Why is that man wearing a crab on his back? Nostalgic players may love it. Impatient ones will despise it.


You're either a fan of Die Hard Arcade or you're not, it's that simple. Dynamite Cop retains the same basic gameplay of DHA but now you're working with Naomi power. Behind all the offbeat weapons and combos is a game you can master to an absolute certainty. Sure it's repetitious, but then again, so are shooters. Bosses have patterns of their own which you can memorize and exploit. Check out this game while you wait for its prettier cousin Zombie Revenge.


Dynamite Cop isn't that bad. No, I'm serious. All you have to do is realize that: a.) This is a port of an arcade game, so it doesn't take that long to beat, b.) It's incredibly goofy (not on purpose, I don't think), c.) It shouldn't be taken too seriously, d.) It involves an awful lot of button mashing, ano e.) You might get pissed if you spent good money on this disc. But the game is still enjoyable and worth checking out! Like Die Hard Arcade, it's mindless fun.


This arcade port has cheap thrills in abundance; too bad the gameplay wears thin fast. Sure, you get a lot of level variety with the three characters. And you'll probably dig Dynamite Cop if twitch games that look pretty are your thing. But this game turned into a chore. Despite some cool weapons and the enticing idea of seeing your female character's clothes knocked off as she takes damage, the button-mashing gameplay didn't hold my interest.

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