Fight Night Champion

Download Fight Night Champion and step into the ring as a boxing legend! Train hard, strategize your fights, and deliver knockout punches. Rise through the ranks and claim your place in boxing history now!
a game by Electronic Arts Canada
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
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Fight Night Champion
Fight Night Champion
Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion so far is the last game in the Fight Night series that EA has released! This game is the better part of 10 years old; you have to wonder if getting the UFC license was what made EA decide that they were done with boxing. This is a real shame as even before this series, EA’s Knockout Kings which came before this was a great series too. Does the series go out a champ or is it knocked out in the final round?

So Real It Hurts!

The presentation of Fight Night Champion is amazing stuff. EA went in a different direction with the visuals in this game and it is a darker, grittier and more hard-hitting looking game. If you read anything about this game you will read about how EA wanted to capture how brutal boxing can be, well this game does just that.

The actual boxers and the many different locations all look great, as does the TV-style presentation. However, it is the damage that appears on the boxers, the blood, cuts, bumps, and bruises that are really well done. The destruction looks so realistic that the game had to be rated M for mature!

Take Control

While you can play Fight Night Champion with the buttons if you like. They added in a new control method to this game where you perform your strikes with the right analog stick. It may sound a bit odd, but it works much better and gives you freer control over your boxer. You can still dish out more devastating moves with various combinations, but overall, I would say the controls are much more accessible this time around. It is a real shame that this was the last game as the controls here are really perfect and I would love to have seen how they implemented new things to this control scheme.

I Am The Greatest!

There are various game modes on offer in Fight Night Champion. You have your quick fights where you can just jump in and fight the AI or a buddy which is a lot of fun. You also have a career mode where you can take your favorite boxer and try to make them the champion of the world, but the real star here in terms of game modes is the Champion Mode.

This is a cinematic story mode where Andre Bishop has been incarcerated, starts boxing in jail, and works his way up to becoming one hell of a fighter. There is a betrayal, lots of fights, lots of blood, and tons of cussing as well as he tries to prove he is the best. This mode is just fantastic! EA has gotten tons of credit for their story modes in stuff like Madden and FIFA, but this is really well done.

It is like you are in a movie and at around five hours or so it is pretty substantial. The various fights you have to do all have something “different” about them. For example, you might have an injury or you might have the odds well and truly stacked against you.


It really sucks that EA decided to stop making these games. However, I will say that Fight Night Champion is a great way for them to go out. Even now, I do not think there is a better boxing game than this one here. Even if you were to pick this up and just play the story mode, you are in for a fun and memorable time. Also, playing this with a friend is a great deal of fun, especially in the brutal bare-knuckle boxing fights that you can do.


  • A nice selection of boxers to choose from
  • The story mode is amazing
  • The violence is brutal
  • The game is much easier to get into thanks to the new control scheme
  • It is a really fun game to play


  • The language might be a bit “salty” for some people
  • They were not able to get the license for certain boxers such as Floyd Mayweather

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